18 wheels of steel extreme trucker 2

18 wheels of steel extreme trucker 2

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which is the best known manufacturer of heavy transport simulation games SCS software is already highly acclaimed with the first version 18 wheels of steel extreme trucker extreme trucker 2 game series with the second game seems to have caught the attention expected. The game “Hazards are everywhere” English “danger everywhere” was released with the slogan of the team, which again will allow you to measure your driving skills. There are 5 different locations in this version of the game, and you are trying to fulfill the tasks in these locations. Of course the effects are enhanced on the roads. Between them, the frightening mountains, through the forests and the roads very steep ramps, requiring patience, speed, you are not your obstacle slope, ice covered highways, the paths of the rain forest and burning deserts wide and fine, like ways to keep you constantly connected to the game.

The area where you can select the task in the game, Montana, Bolivia, North America, Australia, and Bangladesh. Those who already know the region, geographical conditions and stunning areas which are very different, especially chosen. To be suitable for transport heavy loads, even with the most reckless drivers seem to scare off the. The word Extreme in the name of the game is already used to describe the magnitude of these loads. So, the use of an ordinary truck, loaded a truck unladen is very different than using that you’ll see when you play a game. When you enter the game there will be improved sound and graphics features that will attract your attention first. Fans of this series should miss this game and play it immediately BEFORE download. Those who discovered the game yet they should not necessarily look at the atmosphere of the game by watching the introductory video.

long and wide car, Caution…

SCS software for many years, inupiaq is a game company that develops games. One of the company’s popular games 18 wheels of steel series. This series is designed as a classic 8 is contained within a long car simulation game. In this article 8. 18 wheels of steel extreme trucker 2 and I’m going to talk than the last game. The game is as the name suggests, long and extreme driving on the roads, we emerge with an ability to steel rims is about the events that happen. The journey we’re dating, how much is the shipping though tough tasks we have to be careful on the roads there are the dozens of details. And this attention to detail, and without damaging the goods we carry, you should spend some effort to deliver on time to the owner need to accept that from the beginning. Well, this is what are the details? Let’s look a little closely.

extreme trucker 2 game series. The game and the general logic is fully preserved. Of course, the present innovations. The first of these innovations has been increasing the number of the task area. While there are three campaign areas in the first game, in this game number five by adding two more stations were completed. Bangladesh and parts of Montana, the region, the newly added task. Incidentally, let us explain the logic of the campaign. These fields are in different areas, tasks will be given to you where you can go for shipping. These tasks can be quite in various ways. The goods are delivered or the goods to be transported this diversity can vary depending on the remoteness of the location. Sometimes when moving gravel for a short distance, sometimes a helicopter or had an accident you can carry another tool. The game was designed to be inupiaq, you have to use many settings in your car. Signals, Long-short the headlights, Rearview mirrors, Radio, etc. each type of material that may be in a real Truck, the player was submitted to the service. Initially, two indicator in the bottom left will attract your attention. One of them is that you can carry damage to the goods while the goods that you will deliver to the other the time shows. If you are unable to get the goods on time if you can watch a bird fly. Another important feature that you need to pay attention in the game, you will have relations with the police. Running a red light, exceeding the speed limit doesn’t like situations such as the police, we don’t want our friends to get into trouble, right? Also in case of accidents, guilty of eight-to-us things are going wrong we still. Tough roads and challenging weather conditions you are shooting in a cop already in trouble if you don’t want to add driving, I urge you to show the topic of utmost importance.

on the chart, as with many games companies, SCS, Prism3d engine is used. In this way, both the change of vehicles and weather conditions, both the design of vehicles and roads in the city or in the countryside is really good. Although not enough attention on how much damage mechanics, manages to present visually to the player about the graphics is enough good quality extreme trucker 2. Finally, the sound in the game more precisely, I have addressed the topic of music. A long way, the music does. The game just like the GTA series there is a structure that allows you to create your own music channel. However, the music is not in MP3 format, also you need to put in to a specific folder in OGG format. After you do this, turn on the music volume in the menu a bit, enough to listen to your songs the beats. As the last word; extreme trucker 2, especially for people who like trucks and truck driving games it’s a pretty good game. We wish you a pleasant time.

18 wheels of steel extreme trucker 2 System Requirements
operating system : and above on Win XP 32
processor : Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / Athlon XP 1800+
Ram : 1 GB
Harddisk Space : 600 MB
video card : Quadro FX 3000 / Radeon 9600 Series
DirectX : 9

  • there is a glut of used cars
  • in-game freedom
  • improved ways
  • 5 different regions

  • stunning graphics
  • it is dull after a while

Total Downloads: 2
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