18 wheels of steel Pedal to the metal

18 wheels of steel Pedal to the metal

LicenseTrial version 0 GBP
File Size92.3 MB
Product SCS software
Operating SystemsWindows 98/ME/XP/Vista/7
Date5 months on
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published by Valusoft and developed by SCS software in the month of September 2004 18 wheels of steel Pedal to the metal thanks to the small size of the game and the fans continued to maintain popularity. Of course, Wos Pedal to the metal in games with 3D graphics expected performance in the series, though it is expected that some innovations will be, was good news for followers of the game. 18 wos pedal to the metal in this article you will find information about our game.

The series producer of the new game better and more powerful in simulation-style gameplay, detailed graphics and the promise of expanded map. However, when you examine the game in detail, you can see that is a big change. Every logic as first series as it is in a truck, cargo, and tasks in the same way this release include. However, unlike previous versions, you no longer have an employer. This might mean that you have actually the truck that is not yours. Another important detail according to the type of cargo you are carrying in your work and sort of a performance Score, of course you must be. You are moving from this product, according to the amount of money you earn are influenced by many details. As you gain money as you’re building your own fleet, your company is larger you can convert to a transportation company.

is not included in the previous build, but the hard truck series, which is one of the memorable moments of sleep mode included in this release. In this way, our driver can complete their work with less fatigue. If you want to continue on the path without using the Sleep mode if the drive sleep when the screen is black and the controls is difficult. The first opening of the game screen, you can turn this option off if you wish. One other change that stands out among the innovations of the map for further growth. Prior to this release the only transportation system in the United States, Canada and Mexico, we can transport in. Pedal to the metal also is more difficult in terms of gameplay I can say that. The most important detail to consider that is connected with the speed of the load is transported. If you are carrying a load of 200 tons while traveling 50 mph, The brake is pressed as soon as you will not be able to stop. Camera options have been improved in this release, and is having a direct impact on the quality of gameplay. Earlier in the series-could be pretty comfortable to play with the camera while the vehicle is managed in a way, this version is out-of-control Car Camera took a more active role.

when we look at the moved items, 70 different types of cargo can be transported with trailers 40 different. Although it doesn’t support all the options and the modeling of the environment, the numbers have increased it seems to have satisfied users. Other features wos pedal to the metal in terms of audio and in-game we can say that he flunked out of the game in terms of sound and music. A few different sound and music have been added compared to the previous version, although it is not enough to say that it is. Also in-game artificial intelligence is seen to be inadequate in particular the traffic flow. For example, the tools can generate a lot of traffic by staying before or after you undecided a light. The biggest shortcoming seems to be lack of multiplayer support in the game. As a result, the desired properties while not all of the game, it is possible to say that is one of the best in its genre.

18 wheels of steel Pedal to the metal System Requirements
operating system : Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/7
processor : Pentium III 800 MHz
Ram : 256 MB
Harddisk Space : 200 MB
video card : 32 MB
DirectX : 8.1

  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • realistic simulation
  • the diversity of the vehicle

  • challenging gameplay
  • less path options

Total Downloads: 16

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