Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology

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“the patron saint of strategy games, this time with the theme mythology with us”

real-time strategy game age of Empires series is without a doubt many of us have in mind when they say is coming. More precisely, because Microsoft is no longer the series it will be more like age of age of age of Mythology as well as an empires has brought with game lovers. Age of Mythology graphics engine and revamped in a very short time and had managed to draw attention with a new topic.

a user in the game package/promotional booklet that arrived with age of Mythology, age of Empires series in terms of the logic game are almost identical. Use of resources build and battle. Fine details are quite the same, although the game logic has changed. So now is not equivalent to the one of the races. Each race has its own characteristics. Some technologically evolves very fast in terms of features as some of the military is very powerful. That is of course a mythological theme of the game if we add e, the difference inevitably arises. If you wish to tell a little bit let’s start by studying the races and the gods, you will understand what I mean more comfortable.

there’s three race the game again, of course God is present in addition to three. Races Egyptian, Greek and Viking divided into three categories. Every civilization has its own designed based on the gods of Mythology. To the Greeks, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades; for the Egyptians, Amon Ra, ISIS, and set; for the vikings, Odin, THOR and Loki.

Races that have personalities of their own now we told you. For example, the Egyptians technologically develop very fast. A successful race in the war with the vikings. Peasant warriors for the vikings because you don’t produce the job of the villagers are already doing together, just as life is in the form of the vikings. This is quite a nice feature. God with you until the end of the game from the beginning of the game. So if you believe in God, which is at the beginning of the game, you have to keep that until the end of the game with God. Of course, in the game according to your current age, God is there to help. So as not to cause confusion with an example. Let’s say we have chosen construction yourself very quickly to the Greeks; Zeus will be your God then. Your main Athena and the God Zeus as well as Hermes in the classical age, in the age of the heroes of Apollo and Dionysus, hephaistos and Hera, the gods who help you in the age of Legends. If you can repair if you happen to please. You have to build enough temples to please the gods. From you that indicates the satisfaction the gods “favor” you can follow its development from the rank. Each God is running your help on a different matter. Thor, while it increases the speed of your troops, Hermes increases the strength of your Cavalry horse.

you have the resources you need to manage in the age of Empires series as it is; air, water, earth, wood” No, No, No they are not, of course, as in other games of the series, “the wood(wood), stone(mineral) and food” you need to collect and manage. Age of Mythology is much more fun than other games of the series, I can say that. In more practical control of the game, while the new 3D engine for the game has added a pretty nice visualization. The sounds of the game (Yes, okay, I do) can be regarded as the same in other versions. Thematic with the music in the game as modified. It’s a good thing because it makes you feel yourself in the game you play music kapilik modified.

age is a strategy game that cannot be skipped when they say never series, has gained strength with the release of Mythology. Celebrating the success of Microsoft, for Strategy lovers, we recommend age of Mythology.


  • innovative gameplay
  • very fine-grained tasks
  • mythological characters

  • old-fashioned graphics

Total Downloads: 1

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