Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars

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Operating SystemsWindows XP SP2
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The player who managed to tie himself to an audience which are also known as Casual Rovio, Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest game in the series which, it looks like this success will continue. Previously, Android, iOS and Facebook’s we see on our computers we will no longer be able to play the game. As it is in every Angry Birds series in this game, you start with the easy part, the characters we know the properties of, and solutions to later sections gradually starting to be difficult depending on your abilities. The game carries almost all of the effects of Star Wars. The characters are just not supposed to murder the Star Wars theme of the game also prepared in accordance with the sights and the piglets.

Pigstar like Tatooine in the game and 80’more than chapter. The most difficult chapters in the game stands out as the sections of the pig star. Because here you will be greeted with Darth Vader. Of course to get there you have to complete successfully the previous sections. Lightsaber the game, destructive wind, like by adding game mechanics gameplay Jedi powers to maximize the pleasure. Also, the series with this game you can make upgrades to enhance the capabilities of the birds. Again, as in previous releases, this version has hidden objects. You can have extra partitions as you find them.

my eggs trapped on the dark side

everything to the dark side last of the pigs, it started with stealing our eggs. Our Vengeance will not be considered received without destroying the whole of the dark side and so we’re angry. In 2009, the company Rovio released a platform game for mobile devices. You’d almost think that was that much of mobile and other platforms and this game became a phenomenon. Guess you could say I’m talking about Angry Birds. The game now became a series that emerged in 2009. I got a total of six, which is the fifth Angry Birds game Angry Birds game here: Star Wars I want to talk about.

Angry Birds: Angry Birds Space by space adventures has already moved to our disposition. Especially the first three of the Mechs used in the game to change the player when you’re not exactly about to give surfeit Rovio, the game has new birds and new Mechs and decided to move into the space and the desires of the players were beaten up. The difference in space, if you really didn’t want to hunt pigs in space without gravity. Of course, again according to the specifications stored on our enemies and we’re throwing angry birds on the pigs we are able to provide varying degrees of destruction, however, no longer obeying the laws of physics that we don’t have to. We are not in this world. In addition to the differences that it brings in terms of gameplay, with the addition of the new Birds, Space Angry Birds game has managed to be quite popular. Next Star Wars game in which the gravity is Non-sections were used. One of the features of the game first though, some general logic, if we talk will make more sense. Angry Birds: Star Wars, science fiction to millions of fans around the world, moved into the theme of Star Wars characters and Angry Birds platform emerged in the form of merging with the environment. All the heroes in the game can be found in Star Wars. Of course, some characters needs to be successful enough to open. Now one of the game’s new features we can add to our game bird innovations. For example, initially, nothing special, and the Red angry bird, after a while, his lightsaber into the hand he can. The return of these properties and enough of the enemy for strengthening the pigs, I mean the dark side also seems to have been added some features. For example, have abilities to be able to shoot some pigs.

which is proving itself in many issues and the popularity of Angry Birds game. You don’t need to talk to the popularity of Star Wars. So, the existence of these two structures by many players, was expected impatiently. Rovio, it seems this expectation is fully met. Looking at the figures of the game, this can be seen very clearly. The game is a platform game graphics because I guess it doesn’t make much sense to specifically address the topic. The background consists of lines and need to know that ultimately quality. An unannounced game from Angry Birds though so you don’t like I may have made futile by describing the appearance of the game. As a result, Angry Birds: Star Wars in 2012, and won the admiration of many players out for 8 different platforms. If you have the Star Wars heroes if you want to spend fun time with this game certainly you try. Also remember when you fail to greet Darth Vader smiley pig sections.

Angry Birds Star Wars System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP SP2.
processor : Pentium 4 2.0 GHz / Athlon XP 2500+
Ram : 512 MB
Harddisk Space : 500 MB
video card : GeForce 6200 / Radeon Xpress 1200 series
DirectX : 9

  • it’s a very good innovation of powers that can be improved
  • fine-grained levels can be challenging
  • the materials used well Star Wars

  • not addictive

Total Downloads: 2

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