ANNO 1701

ANNO 1701

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ANNO 1701, related designs released by SUNFLOWERS interactive entertainment software designed by and distributed and real-time strategy and city-building game. ANNO 1701, was released in the month of November of 2016. The game’s single-player game mode as well as multiplayer game modes, with support for promises to give the fans a fun time. The anno game series is a continuation of and is running on the Microsoft Windows platform only.

The game logic is quite simple actually. The setup of the colonies, and manage the city and do the trade. Moreover, we could make them work with a simple interface very useful and it had been a game quite like it. In fact, the game in Europe’s request us quite a lot with the audience.

during the setup of the game, don’t expect too much -of course this may vary according to the hardware characteristics of your computer – when you open the game you three options await. This tutorial, single player and multiplayer. Usually we have the habit of playing the tutorial. For this reason, we are stuck and reset the game to start playing the game. We’ll look into something from the internet, cheat codes or not and thus, dear, we don’t get to enjoy any of my games. Whether you have never played before in the anno series if you want, you should definitely play if you want the option to make new tutorial. The game system has changed how the game is played and whether the game is to find out how this condition is progressing.

scenario mode and free mode consists of two modes including the single player option. If you wish the task-based scenario mode if you wish, you can choose a free game. From the size of the Map in free play mode set all the properties on the type of climate your staying is up to you. So, in your own imagination that has been designed as an area prone to be able to play. Offered to fulfill the tasks in scenario mode and your colony is if you are trying to develop and progress in the field.

flavored warming to the game at the beginning of the game you have a duty. In this task, you are trying to improve your on the island. After a short while, Her Majesty, the Queen gives you a ship as a reward. From the moment that you see the ship in the harbor means you’re open to international development. On the basis of all your tasks, your actually lies to please people. People how happy and how fulfilled your requests if you guys are so successful.

The thing which is the basis of our development from our ships. We started with the Queen’s gift to the fleet, we can turn a ship exploration ship. Our ships are metal, wood, food, etc, after you install we’re beginning to get on the road to the discovery of new land. Because man is not great and fertile enough for all of us, and for this reason we need to kolonilesmem. We’re looking to expand your colonies to new realms.

we are not the only nation in the game who need them. Our competitors are also idle and runs. Under the auspices of the raw materials and discovering new islands, they’re trying to get. They’re making a deal, they exploit and they’re putting up a fight. In order to survive in such a complex environment and the economy we need to have a pretty solid strategy.

unlike other games of the series, ANNO 1701’, also, “culture” is a feature. Every civilization has its own culture and culture can start wars and disputes, the opposite of where he fell. Behold, the new names when you discover there is a community there, which I say to give you an idea about what kind of diplomacy to apply.

ANNO 1701 three-dimensional and with high-quality graphics has done quite a good job. The game also shows full compliance with the equipment works and is very stable. Thus, the game crashed, froze, you won’t encounter frustrating problems as the computer warmed up. All lovers of this beautiful game artificial intelligence took the head and walking strategy we recommend. Enjoyable games.


  • a good example of the type
  • interface
  • Scenario-diversity

  • battle arena is not satisfactory.
  • hard to find Online player

Total Downloads: 1

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