Armed Assault

Armed Assault

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FPS games, perhaps the richest part of the gaming community. Every taste, every comfort and suitable for every playing style(arcade/simulation games there are thousands. So you throw your hand if you come across a FPS game. Some people in FPS games it’s no mistake to say that that animal is helping to satisfy the requests. Already psychology, evolutionary psychology, and philosophy on the whole subject of hundreds of articles published. In these circumstances, can constitute a crime and that people in everyday life began to settle away from the computer or if it could be risky. Of course, in the area between the boundaries of virtual realism. But the technology expands the limits of realism with you that uncontrolled and fast moving as that was expanded. And ultimately, a modicum of this wild people satisfy their instincts –and make money – market FPS games game companies who they ship to in a row.

In short, the game is dominated by the world of FPS games. This armed assault FPS games. Armed Assault, is one of the games that arise due to the two companies fight. We often hear this kind of thing too. They couldn’t agree on the two companies and the copyright of the game by staying in one of the game say they are two different games on the market. Here in armed assault takes center stage here. Actually the first game Operation Flashpoint –you’ve probably heard before – Armed, Bohemia and bohemian codemaster ways to deallocate that shipped with reason game. Actually we can say that this is a continuation of flashpoint. Subject to changing the name because of copyright.

after browsing into the world of fps and let’s see the story of armed assault, Armed assault was going on in there. The game starts with a cinematic. Sahara comes out and the announcer called the first in the country, the fact that the story is telling us the story of the game. A bed of roses, the Sahara, is a country where people live happily. Whatever is going on, concerning the occupation of a sudden. A group in our area because we’re American soldiers “- if we’re here, who is attacking sahrani to no one else but us on the left just easily attack” and we find ourselves in we call events.

with a single player warm up before the tour we are taking. Use a compass, map use, and weapon-tactical information after learning, trained as a soldier, we begin to participate in the task. What we need to remember our own we’re not a killing machine. Definitely we need to act with unity, otherwise we are paying for it with our lives already. The game from this perspective, it looks quite realistic. Of course, we’re going to do the side quests, heroic within us to rein in Dec Dec Polat alemdar is being offered to us. No commander and hang out on our own because we are not connected to the team and tactics we are able to develop, but have the benefit of being forgotten, it affects the course of the game side quests personally. For this reason, we will need to move by thinking like a full Soldier. After all, everyone is not as negative as Polat alemdar. And let me tell you just the facts; a plastic nature in a thousand years, a thousand years ten Polat alemdar is lost. Let’s continue this after the tuck armed assault you with a bad joke. As we have said the seriousness of the game wants your brain if you’ll be on the battlefield avel avel SVD Dragunov. worth of ammo it can go. Are you going in the game realistic because it is designed for a few rounds already –you’re going direct headshot-

quite a variety in the game, ammunition, and the use of vehicles in our service also is available. The tool we are using in the game up to almost thirty boats from the plane. Looking in command in the game for multiplayer support single player mode is available. If you wish, you can play over LAN with bots if you wish. I think it’s doesn’t make much sense to play multiplayer with bot, but bot gonna be fun to play LAN with a few bouncer. You will see that multiplayer mode is a lot of fun already.

let’s graphics engine. In general, giving a good performance. Little out of condition from place to place, although it is now acceptable for such small errors for such large maps. It’s kinda in the middle for the quality of graphics and animation. The sound effects too. Already the controls are classic fps keyboard-mouse combination is played. One of the games that can be highly recommended to lovers of FPS armed assault. Enjoyable games.

what are the system requirements for the game armed assault?

Processor: Intel Dual Core

video card: 256 MB video card

RAM: 512 MB

empty field:-

The system: XP/Vista


  • the vehicle physics are quite realistic
  • a fighting chance in pretty big circles
  • highly detailed game
  • Realistic Battlefield

  • the clunky controls
  • overly exaggerated part of the training

Total Downloads: 1

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