Azurael’s Circle: Chapter 1

Azurael’s Circle: Chapter 1

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Chapter 2 out now!

The police ruled that suicide Helen of Lancaster, where she gutted herself with a kitchen knife, was due to the grief of losing every husband. Every last client in Lancaster, doesn’t believe that a woman as deeply religious as every mother would do such a thing. The client takes it upon himself to visit his family farm and see if he can piece together the truth. Feeling What could have caused mother to do such a thing? Was it all even? If not, what’s waiting for him at Lancaster Farm?

Azurael’s circle: Chapter 1 is a horror-mystery adventure game. Navigate clues as to what happened to the house and Helen Lancaster. Piece together the items you find in your inventory to get into locked areas of the house and find other useful tools that can help you uncover the mystery.

This is the first of a planned series of stories following the events surrounding the death Act. Dark Encounters events across the series, you’ll link together into a plot that slowly and you’ll chill carrier stranger to your core.


  • Discover the secret of the Lancaster Farm.
  • Solve item-based puzzles to progress.
  • The three endings to discover.
  • Many other secrets to discover.

Total Downloads: 1

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