Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies

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Product Rovio Entertainment
Operating SystemsWindows XP SP3/Vista/7
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almost everyone who has a smart phone and played Angry Birds game download cell phone at least once. On earth he led-Maker Rovio’yu, also a single game with the Bad Piggies game Piggies Yesil gets you into the world’s giant companies, they’re taking the lead in the game. Physical puzzle game which is again pending with the various tools in the game by helping the pigs ready to move, or fly, or by applying tools that are attempting to mobilize the outgoing. There are lots of brain teasing fun sections of the game, and easily a simple game can get. The game, which seems to be continued for a long time the most popular apps in the App Store and Google Play both had taken place in the list.

devoted to evil piglets

as you know, the Angry Birds most popular mobile game of recent times the competition between kona and Bad Piggies Angry Birds Space. Popular game by Rovio for mobile platforms and many other platforms issued, always on the side of the bird with an attitude that we are correct. Well, what will happen to the pigs? Why do we have to leave them so long? Here’s Rovio this cruel question to reduce the guilt, as a game designed. We can say that we needed to look at the event realized by the piglets. Bad Piggies’s exactly what we did in the game. At the beginning of Angry Birds, the pigs stealing their eggs, the Angry Birds and the event was beginning, he was this way. Piggies bad the situation is there in a flash back. Proud and tenacious of piglets overcoming difficulties, we see what kind of a champion, stealing the eggs, Bad Piggies. Speaking of difficulty, playing the game you will see I’m not using a metaphor. The story of piggy the birds, according to is taking place in conditions much more difficult. None, because they don’t have special abilities. What a battle cry, what are the three split up, to break the ice, nor is it explosively to dispose of obstacles, special powers, all birds of this kind remained. Now time for some reality, the laws of Physics with your knowledge of solid mechanics, the journey is long. Those eggs certainly to be played.

steal the eggs of Angry Birds in the game in order to have a map of the whereabouts of the eggs. Or should I say there was? This map tool will be the day that our aim is just bad, just from the hands of immortality finds lokman the physician is breaking loose and flying like a piece of paper at a time in different places. God doesn’t want, so the evil we do. We’re giving more importance to the Devil’s opinions on this one but we, we’re bad. Your main goal in going to find the pieces of the map and conquer the game. But like I said, so the fate of the pigs is worse. Of course the parts that we can’t fly. For this reason, we need to do, and designing new tools. One of the piglets to design a vehicle that will be in the required paths, if we could, we are able to reach a part of the map. Vehicle design and power puzzles, the player can experience moments of difficulty. The platform is designed as a puzzle game and takes a lot of time to collect all 3 stars in some sections. If you’re that obsessed, it’s so frustrating experience. As in angry birds can easily fly and overcome obstacles. There are many sections that you might have to try again and again. At the beginning tutorial part of the game, and gameplay designs to be done here in short, were shown to the players. In terms of gameplay so you won’t have any trouble. Bad Piggies, in terms of graphics, looks just like Angry Birds. Colorful illustrations, background images, etc similar details on many issues. The music part is extremely successful, I’m sure you’ll like it the theme music that plays in the beginning.

as a result, Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Rovio to reveal the phenomenon, that reveals puzzles with making a fun game is quite difficult. How he is the players in the general sense of some troubles in the challenging puzzle games, especially platform-lovers and puzzle-loving gamers for a really great production. Enjoy.

Bad Piggies System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP SP3/Vista/7
processor : 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 / Athlon MP
Ram : 1 GB
Harddisk Space : 200 MB
video card : GeForce 8300 GS / Radeon HD 3200
DirectX : 9

  • partition a lot of space when you pass
  • eye-pleasing user interface
  • ideal to pass the time and Fun

  • it doesn’t addictive like Angry Birds
  • those who are accustomed to facing this type of games may find it

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