Beyond Good &Amp; #038; Evil

Beyond Good &Amp; #038; Evil

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if we see Where Ubisoft’s signature, there is a very high quality job. Which is one of the fastest growing and most widely held companies of video games Ubisoft, again, dealing with a quality business; “beyond good & Evil”

beyond good & evil we are faced with a beautiful hero named Jade. Jade, who is a photographer and a news reporter, a mother and a father who grew up alone in a lighthouse as a character. Jade, who devotes himself to helping the children in their case,, one of the most honest women you’ll ever see. Jade, on the planet to head out on an adventure to find out what the ongoing war is going. Our protagonist in this adventure Jade peyj and double H are accompanied by friends. Our hero is also nice, Jade, faint green. That jacket Yesil Yesil pants up all the clothes from the game as a ton of grass up from the tree.

Ubisoft, the tradition of creating a world of its own beyond good & evil continued. A wide diversity present in the game. There are human characters in the game such as Jade are unique to the creatures that the game as designed. It’s not just the variety of life, space a lot of diversity. The game challenge the limits of your imagination designed equally delicious. Here we would like to congratulate all the team from Ubisoft again.

action and adventure game beyond good & evil combines RPG in addition to a solid degree. With this feature, it is difficult to say a game in that style. Solve the secrets in the game, battles with enemies, missions and if wished we are able to make trips from place to place in our heads.

a wide variety of creatures we’re dealing with our most basic weapon in the game, Dai-jo called a magic stick. Jade, pretty solid Kenjutsu and Bo-jutsu techniques supports. Fighting is highly effective, so stick with it. Of course the fight scene was quite enjoyable. We are able to do combos during these fights.

our game is built on solving the mystery, and accomplish tasks. The basic tasks given to us, as well as experience with photography such as side-missions, we are able to. The game is set so that the difficulty level of the head of hair definitely will not yoldurtmay. Neither too difficult nor too easy, thus it becomes more fun to play the game.

beyond good & Evil, in terms of graphics it looks pretty good. Worked fine especially on the characters too. The graphics of the game engine is pretty solid it works. Coating the game in any way, we’ve had graphics failure and reflection. Also trying to sync the animation transitions too. Ubisoft you just satisfied with the design of the character graphics, Environmental Design worked quite. Flower beetle from finely studied all the details up to the leaves from the tree. Of course all according to the technology of the era. Of course, Ubisoft’s previous game, our friends playing Prince of Persia, beyond good & Evil don’t expect the same performance. Beyond good & Evil, has solid graphics, but not as much as Prince of Persia.

the sounds of the game is also quite good. Performed especially very clean in character to hear pronunciation of selected. You don’t meet with such a viscous aksag British. For those who could not understand the conversation in spite of everything, they added a subtitle option for the producers. The atmospheric sounds are also very successful. Well, such an elaborate game in terms of graphics and sound for a high-level hardware that you need to have if you say no. Ubisoft’s graphics engine because it uses the middle segment of the game in terms of graphics, easily playable on hardware of many wonders. Of course, some of the graphics by saving. For this reason, beyond good & Evil with a computer you can play the middle segment.

our footnote we give the following information as who love the game; the game can indicate incompatibility with some AMD processors. To fix this, a patch is officially published by Ubisoft is also available.

long story short, action, adventure and imagination which is perfect for lovers of beyond good & Evil complacency that we highly recommend. Enjoyable games.


  • have fun
  • the length of the game good

  • the first part is very easy

Total Downloads: 3

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