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Bionicle Heroes

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set in a colorful world of robots, played through the eyes of the third party Bionicle Heroes is an action-adventure game. So it has GTA style gameplay. Bionic released in 2006, Heroes is single player only (single player) it is played. The makers of the game, traveller’s tales and Amaze Entertainment. Very familiar with the design of the game made of LEGO from the games technical the painter Parsons Arthur.

worked in a team of about 25 people for Bionicle Heroes. The producers they worked for a full 12 months access to the best possible quality. Despite this, Bionicle heroes GameCube of criticism in only 51% a positive way. The game also has Play Station, Xbox 360 and Wii platforms in can be played. In fact, we can say that the best performance is received from the Xbox 360 console.

cartoons, novels, movies. The robot craze is taking over the world. Artificial intelligence that have the potential to one day rule the world we think we are taking a step into the world of bionicle heroes. When you open the story of the game heroes Bionicle action-packed and multi-colored you are treated to a cinematic. When the game starts you are in the world of robots now.

artificial intelligence is worse, it is not known whether it will be better. But you will witness the struggle of the good and bad robots in bionicle heroes. If it is a phenomenon that can be achieved with the mind to be either good or bad of course, if robots can also be obtained, but then the being good or bad is a phenomenon that detects and can hear the beating of the hearts of heart related if we’ll be able to. Let’s continue to philosophize more from bionicle heroes.

voy we started from the island of Nui to fight in the air, on land and even in the sea continues. But nothing to fear robots’s not rusting. Titanium sourced from this advanced technology. Each robot has its own weaknesses. Speaking of weakness, mentally, not physically, I want to detect. Each robot have different powers and abilities. Some people in the sea were very slow, some very fast on land, some strokes are very strong, some Armor is very durable. In the game you can experience them closely. You will need plenty of experience already.

when you combine the LEGO pieces on the left which is hidden on the right you find hero mode enabled. After you activate hero mode, the game becomes boring. Because you are going to have a great no shocks that are not affected by armor, and your shot is getting much stronger. This is a trick of the classic game “God mode”, you can compare. How if you say that this is boring; everyone is playing a board game on the fight without any effort on advance rent bice after a while, you are dying of boredom and makes you pointless. This producer also activate hero mode that will be thought of by collecting the Logos is not so easy. More new logos when you combine weapons, armor kuvvetlendirme, and as you fill your life bar, you get the benefits. This part is really fun. Because in a tight spot with a piece of Lego that you find when you’re almost the last to take a deep breath for it’s very good. So, I sort of Can package. You will appreciate this is bad news, because one in every episode “boss” and that you have to work really hard over the enemy. Working to bring prosperity to the people hero as a robot, bad robot armies to deal with and you leave the only thing you should take with you is courage. This is quite a tricky sentence. You still collect your attention and intelligence with the logos you see on the road, just in case.

plenty of inspirations in our game you will see the most money spent on the Star Wars thing is the graphics. On the charts, specially studied. The game has a unique texture. Very vivid and very colorful. The explosion effects are quite successful, our robots are quite bright. When you have already played the game, you will witness the unique atmosphere of the close. Despite this, the polished coatings as unnecessary. You will see more than flashes and tissues in plants, especially conspicuous. One other point in the game after the damage we took, our robot is the lack of cosmetic bugs. This game gives you a negative direction. Still in the game closely you will witness plenty of jokes and stunning visuals. Bionicle heroes targeting especially children and young people’s play and you will be amazed. Enjoyable games.


  • beautiful visuals
  • really good power-ups

  • appeals to more children

Total Downloads: 3

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