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lost, viewers of the show know; accidental array in an island of an aircraft begins to decrease. BioShock have a story similar to this in our game. Our game mysteriously crashed the plane into the Atlantic Ocean through the 1960’s we were in an accident begins. Horny wavy Ocean we’re out on the water after he struggled with for a while. We are hoping that when we go out on the water ourselves, the only one alive. The story of the game from the outset with an exciting start by making the players able to connect to itself.

a small island with a lighthouse looking out on the water around us around us we see one. Swim towards the lighthouse and the island that we enter into when we get to the Isle. When we got to the lighthouse we see that a small vessel is waiting for us inside. We got on this vessel that we don’t know where it came from, the game will pass all of the “rapture” we are taking a trip in the name of the undersea city.

encounter with the creatures in the center of the city. In fact, a mutant hybrid of these creatures. In other words, between human and alien organisms. The reason for this have been played with genetics. The thing that causes the genetic structure to change and deterioration in “the man by the name of a powerful mineral.

with many different features compared to other fps BioShock. Some of these properties that you can use a natural weapon in the form of your right arm. You can change the way you want with your character, but that there is a certain limit. Above this limit the properties you can store them in gene banks. You encounter the way you want you can change the features of your character in gene banks.

encounter in the game “Plastids.” Natural plasmids in your left arm, it allows you to use it as a weapon. These Plasmids also helps to use the different features. Some Plasmids may be used for the following purposes; unleash bees, lightning throw, it’s like throwing fire. Some Plasmids allows electronic devices to beat. The use of plasmids is connected to the energy that provide many different benefits. This “plasmid energy” called home. Of energy from the machines or from some hidden spot in the game in exchange for money. Well, these points are hidden and if so, how do we make a plasmid? Attached for your consideration in this game. You need to analyze scan it and good for the environment. Should not expect everything from the state.

The game of plastics in the other “Tonic” called, there’s more stuff for your character to increase their abilities and intellectual and physical. Nick to slow down time while solving puzzles in the game to solve puzzles and obstacles reduction, after waiting a certain time, becoming invisible by providing convenience features such as on our character.

generally the guy that has the character and Tunics Plasmid(genetically modified Ingredient), the amount taken from the machine. Plasmid and Tunics from place to place in the game as we mentioned earlier, is hiding. -If a child is good and if you are careful, you also have plasmids and tonics you can see one of the little girls in the game man. We have to protect these little girls know that Big Daddy to be confronted. Two different existing Big Daddy in the game; rose and Bouncer. Big Daddy isn’t hard to kill the creatures, but the more strokes of the lead the amount of Health. So it can take a bit. After Big Daddy was killed, little girls, they start crying next to the body of Big Daddy. At this point comes before us with two different options, and these options affect the course of the game. If we can save the little girl from the man man, we’re making 80’s influence. The other option is to kill the little girl. This man gives us 160. So, some “ethical philosophy” we need our thinking caps on.

Bioshock; some fantastic, some technological, some fps and a rpg-style hybrid game and quite enjoyable. We can say that the graphics of the game is quite successful. There is a glaring bug in the game. The graphics are very stably. Animated transitions are also quite successful. Especially with the design of the fantastical world and imagination of our own space and adds color. We can say that sound and music is equally successful. Summary for lovers of adventure and action with an exciting production that you can play without getting bored. Enjoyable games.


  • an unusual story
  • Creative gameplay
  • Characters is quite different

  • a few hours later, again can be disturbing

Total Downloads: 1

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