Bridge Builder

Bridge Builder

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The Bridge Builder, the laws of Physics, considering you’re trying to build bridges with the strength to carry loads passing over the bridge making simulation game. In the game you are given with the materials you will design bridges of various sizes in various locations. Combine the two sides of a cliff sometimes and sometimes bridges can be built across a river to move.

when a hyperlink in the game, on the other hand, you can test. After your test is finished you should be able to pass a train over the bridge. When it passes from one end to the other end of the railway bridge to the next section you have to move. Of course, you for giving a limited budget and limited materials each time you do so it won’t be easy. Your knowledge of Physics here and your wit by running, you should be able to find some solutions. In some sections, ships must be able to pass under the bridge that you made. Even if you are given the right to fail trial sections are endless and you can continue where you left off.


  • Successful physics-dynamics
  • solves the puzzle

  • environmental effects insufficient

Total Downloads: 1

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