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Caesar 4

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Caesar (Caesar) Caesar (Caesar)

The term had become quite popular Roman themed strategy games. Then it slid to the popularity of these games are Strategy Games in Greek dated. Never lost the popularity that there was a game on Roman history, Caesar. Caesar, who had a solid place in the world of strategy games, as well as one of the games we played and Dec still go back.

Caesar 4 consecutive series of made mention their name many times. Roman theme Caesar 4 functioning very realistic, unlike other games, instead of adopting the principle of doing constantly break down. The welfare of the people, for the public work to keep the people happy.

The game offers two options in terms of gameplay. The first option we can begin the game by selecting one of the already established cities. “If everyone is my friend account, I need to perk the economy with the building, not necessarily a sword if you say” the first option is for you. You can check out the entrants provided to the Board as your city, you can fight with other cities that are hostile to you as you want.

The second option is the landscape of your city by building a city from scratch you can build any way you want according to taste. Caesar classic house that exists in the previous versions of the series such as the construction of major structures and road construction also available in Caesar 4.

of course, you need money for everything. People who have the money into your pocket if you want to increase your city, you can get them by calling the employment tax. This method is the simplest and the most profitable. Of course, first you must make a place attractive and guzellestirmel Rome.

Caesar 4 game popular in Rome as it was separated into classes emerges. Your city is currently in the construction phase will be cutting the first people to invite you to the city while poor. These you will pay less tax. For this reason, on the other hand, you’ll have to take the trade. If you can build your city structures such as the temple and the Colosseum, if and to attract middle class people into the city to keep happy in your city you can provide. If you bring your wine will come to your city if the city so that you can collect more taxes on the rich cutting.

The best part of the game in the first three series you’re not dealing with single individuals. Namely, you don’t have to ask it by clicking on each individual citizen. This is also more practical in the game, and the game lets you play as an individual in a ridiculous manner to touch the most exciting place on the citizens.

Caesar Caesar game 4 of the series the first three are two-dimensional, while in three dimensions, with lovers meet. Adds a nice air of the game to be three dimensional. Your city so you have a chance to watch a little closer from above, the houses, temples, roads, watch how you can are made a little more closer, you can see what people are doing. Looking for your own works to get cocky for one-on-one.

In fact, in real-time and resource management-based strategy game which is a Caesar genre role-playing game as we can think. A Roman governor, and by improving yourself, the legendary ruler of Rome, Caesar you’re trying to be. While you’re at it you’ve built your city with the buildings that you are trying to improve yourself by strengthening. Also you must protect your city against attacks.

we said that the game is three dimensional. This also means a change in the graphics engine of the game. The new graphics engine, if successful, quite successful. The graphs on the middle of a success offer. For the first three-dimensional version of the game is very successful. Liked the music and sound effects. Artificial intelligence is moving fairly stable. Forcing you to work the controls. At first, when setting the angle in the use of the mouse may be a little difficult, but other than that, you’ll get used immediately. Enjoyable games.


  • you can create a building that reflects the novel of the period
  • compared to Strategy Games, the city looks more vibrant and alive
  • you can download scenarios created by users

  • achieving economic balance is very difficult
  • long load times

Total Downloads: 2

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