Chamber of Darkness

Chamber of Darkness

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Product The Crow Studios
Operating SystemsWindows 7
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Very important note: If you are delayed or not registering the attack buttons (pressing the attack button 3-4 times until it registers), please close the game and
launch it again, this issue happens randomly and can be avoided easily, and you would miss out the actual experience of the game and have a negative first impression

What Business Chamber of darkness?

The Chamber of Darkness, a beat ’em up game, with some platforming elements.
As you play a fearsome knight, looking for a way to break the curse that will absorb the spear of the Knight’s body, killing other creatures if not by the Fed.

The main mechanics:

Actions like attacking or using abilities with the spear, the cost of HP depending on what ability you use, and you regain the HP used by landing a successful hit.
Marry your enemies and your attacks have a chance to reflect projectiles.
You can choose up to 3 abilities before the start of the level.

Please view the in-Game “How To Play” menu while we work on a tutorial to learn more

Game Features

•14 abilities.

•Different powerups.

•Story mode with 20 levels.

•Local multiplayer.

•24 Challenges divided into 5 categories.

•Play at the moment as the hero and fight the enemy in Beast mode.

•Endless mode

Total Downloads: 1

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