Commandos: Strike Force

Commandos: Strike Force

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The first version released in 1998 Commandos tactical strategy game quite in the pursuit of the rush dragged in. A private soldier who is the subject of the struggle to the shoulder of a group of commandos, the applause that the field of artificial intelligence, and together with us again, Commandos: strike force.

we can say that the first commandos is a huge fan base. Even in social media there is a group of enthusiasts with plenty of related to the commandos. In the genre of tactical strategy years later, the commandos, amazing and a drastic change increasingly Commandos: strike force made their entry into the world fps with. It’s admirable courage received applause from all of us, but for years the fps genre strategy game you CA see the same success in a skilled group you know, let’s go.

in the game green Beret, sniper, and spy, called the three soldiers we run. Our first business mission, our comrade, our hero Sniper. Superior camo and the ability sniper with Sniper, first with a stunning performance in close combat fighting my ass off so that we can fulfill our mission. Our first task, to rescue comrades captured by the Nazis. What you need to do is already being shown on the game screen to you. For this reason, you’re much more comfortable adjusting to the game.

The base of the game shows the success of tactical fps. For example if you noticed that as you move an enemy soldier with a sniper, with a red sign appear on it, if you don’t see, and if you’re lost, it looks yellow marker, and an enemy soldier who doesn’t notice you at all in the color Yesil looks. CNS saw a soldier with a roving hand, and the other party is realizing that we are not from them and goes crazy. But if you do the same operation with Spy Spy because it is much more difficult for your enemies to notice you so that it can disguise itself as the strike force of the enemy with the tactical dimension is the simplest example. Well, sneak in unnoticed and manages the task quickly Spy if you say no. Spy, if you had a higher rank than the enemy approaching was wearing a dress for example, if the front of the head dress and spy Sergeant approaching enemy () you don’t notice, but the Spy is a low-ranking suit if you have noticeable. This one happens to be noticed before there’s a moment of doubt. A clock appears at the head of this doubt in times of enemy troops before the time runs out you need to get out of there. Otherwise, after a short while, all units cullaniy on us. Another feature of this Spy is pretty slick. We should let silence an enemy soldiers are there. You throw a coin into the back and sneaking up from behind the tree. And the voice that came from the unwary going in the direction clutching your knife or a Garrote right at this moment, he never hunt you by surprise.

Sniper, thanks; Spy, okay; what is the green helmet?

Sir, the green Helmet is literally a killing machine. So disguised, money doesn’t like to work out. A hand gun is becoming a killing machine in close contact with. Fight this guy, my favorite Soldier. But of course, life is not that easy. In some cases, the critical groups of enemies to clear snipper you require. My favorite feature of the game here; the “TAB” key you can quickly switch between the characters with. Kill first enemy with a sniper in the middle of the conflict with the green helmet and next snipper you know. I realize this is already very pleasant to your ear. Enjoyable it’s there already even with successive tasks from one you can’t tell how the time passed.

The team captured at the success of the fps strategy game. I even think FPS, I can say that strategy may have taken a turn for more fun. Sound and Graphics the game is already successful“, I sulk if I don’t play” manages to give the air. Strategy, tactics, and recommended to anyone who wants to live up to. Enjoyable games.


  • the usual elements available in this game Commandos

  • Terrible enemy artificial intelligence

Total Downloads: 6

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