Company of heroes

Company of heroes

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“the Second World War has never been so realistic”

II. The concept of World War II, company of heroes was one of the games. In fact, many WWII themed games in a row in that period and the sad part he seemed like a guy who has been all of them. In such a period, in fact much of a market for you to hold on the same concept of the games is not possible. Similar to company of heroes but many are leaving behind was one of the most popular games. Because the concept was quite different from the others because it was quite likely. This difference also provided to the top of to play company of heroes.

company of heroes, mentality, as well as quite successful in terms of graphics and sound. Even among his contemporaries like company of heroes best graphics one of the games that have the quality, we have definitely found the right one. Actually you can feel in your bones with this war. In fact, when you look in the game’s cinematics, you see a little bit inspired from the movie saving private Ryan.

The Story of the Second World War, Heroes Company is working we said, we can say that more broaches the subject of Normandy. In the ground war and the game to be more real-time strategy (RTS) serious you are sated. The game also contains a fps dynamism. It’s a situation that can force lovers this strategy a little bit, but the game of the enjoyment you receive from increasing at the same rate.

as a strategy to provide RTS style resource, build structures, we are responsible for basic things such as determine tactics. Also in the game you have the task of waiting to fulfill dozens of. To complete these tasks while trying to get a movie scenario in the sense that it was the beginning of the game to lock you for days.

The game starts with a cinematic very effective. More then a warm up tour of the same beauty so a tutorial is waiting for you. Here you can try various tactics while I’m getting used to the game controls. By trying various tactics to post here so you can gain experience and can be a much better game. In fact, many of us doesn’t want to play the tutorial sections and start playing immediately. But a game must warm up to the functioning of the game in order to get pleasure from. Rather than trying to get to know the game, the tutorial to prepare for the game with a much more sensible option. Thus the first ready for the task at hand in a way that is can play. The artificial intelligence of a company of Heroes is great, considering how difficult will understand you better. Speaking of artificial intelligence, at some point you attack your weakest point if you can’t beat by changing tactics and cunning artificial intelligence, which can again present. This is also quite compelling and reveals a high quality gaming experience.

the most important thing for an RTS game company of heroes its source form controls. Three different source available in the game, these are manpower, munitions and fuel. Each of these different regions is vital and we need to achieve to conquer. For example, you need to get plenty of fuel if you want to produce an instrument of war. You captured also a number proportional to the area of the unit you’re going to have to. So, if you have so many units, how many units and how much area you have, if you have that power.

because of the fluid dynamics of the game uses the havok physics engine we’re was never surprised when she found out. Because the physics of the game world, arguably one of the most stable engines havok ever. Combine great graphics with the game also the taste of Havok becomes invincible. Of course, this is a bit of you can force all of your hardware. So you will need a good graphics card. If you make the chart if sacrifice from middle-class graphics card with better performance you can get, this is not much of a problem.

with great graphics and fluency attracted attention, and completes itself with the same quality company of heroes add on top the artificial intelligence sounds impressive, and earns the right to be one of the best games in the history of RTS. History and war-themed RTS is a game that lovers should definitely try. Enjoyable games.

let’s mention the game Company of heroes System Requirements

CPU: P4 2.0 GHz.

video card: 128 MB

RAM: 512 MB

required space: 6.5 GB

The system: Windows XP


  • battle without slowing down
  • you eat your nails strategic tasks
  • in-game the visuals and sounds professionally prepared
  • Concrete gameplay
  • dozens of interactive gameplay option

  • long load times
  • artificial intelligence could have been better

Total Downloads: 3

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