Crysis 2 Multiplayer

Crysis 2 Multiplayer

LicenseTrial version 0 GBP
File Size1.6 GB
Product Crytek
Operating SystemsWindows Xp / 7
Date4 months on
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native demo NVIDIA Crysis with cevat and the game presented to officials for his own team to prepare the full version of approval. One of the best Action Games in the world and this team has more then Far Cry, the game, by signing up to the game in the market, they showed that how talented they were. Players can now play blindfolded to make it seem like every game that comes from the company Crytek, they left.

the chaotic atmosphere in the game Crysis 2 and the game will catch your attention as soon as you enter you will begin to pick up. The destruction in the big cities after a while you will get used to the environment and fit in. The game in a format that is appropriate for the topic of New York as the venue’ta goes. Crysis 2’will soon learn to trust nobody, and you will head back to think. The company Crytek shipped the old games it wouldn’t you to think about it much, but has worked a lot with the person who wrote the script this time. Hit kill move from the logic of starting the game, What do you need to draw the path, have experienced a change in the form of a scenario.This is also the player into the game with more attributes.

in-game cinematics of the game, Dec videos, it seems so unrealistic at times, the scenario with the integration of these is amazing. Of the game Crytek chosen as the scenario is a bit cliché, with this it looks like its cinematics are turned off. First person shooting fps style games still, so the style between the Strip and the monotony you encounter a game that does this to yourself was the best. This is a difficult game and need to add that. The scenes of the conflict in the game, mind you, into the opposite corner and test your skills in an environment that requires a deposit selective perception of Chaos. In some scenes, even depression because you can enter your enemies are very smart and looking for the opportunity to hit you.

the visuals of the game while we’re on the images that you see in the game Crysis sig first, in contrast to the deeper and present a presentation which is shown by every detail portrayed. Some parts of the game you can achieve success by using the key combination just right. Of course, these small and short in the game into scenes catch your eye.But the game was rarely used and so won’t be annoying to incorporate changes to started. Even small sections like this the game you move your feet you that when you lost yourself in the video is able to your hand out.

in the game you need to have plenty of different weapons to remove invasive alien our brothers. The resulting catalyst material by collecting them by killing them, creating the infrastructure for weapons. In the first game of cloak mode in this game is presented as maximum privacy. Thus, also in this game your enemies gizlene gizlene adventurers. In this point, the freedom of the wide fields instead of in the first game, Crysis 2’is forced upon you, the ways you have to move forward. According to the scenario of the game, not necessarily where you need to go and there are ways to cross. This deficit in the viewfinder with the environment and examine in detail a device that you can name your enemies they were closed. You can view your enemies in the environment through the viewfinder, you can see the weaponry.

in the name of the game in the logic of working with Nano vision thermal imaging viewers are also available. Chaos turned to emit more Nano vision to see your opponents in conflict situations has been a very useful tool for heat. Each party in the dust, while the enemy can see your opinions and nano gleaming. You will use Nano vision but that every bored. Note that you use this tool as your energy is low, but only to use it in the critical places.

in the game, the previous version although there are new weapons all of the weapons in Crysis have been added. Especially our closest friend while fighting gigantic robots will be added to the Rocket Launcher is the best weapon. Holding your breath while shooting with a sniper gun added to the game by attempting to secure a very nice detail. The game can also be used as a weapon that belongs to you Nano suite. Other details in the name of learning by playing the game yourself, by ending the narrative here, write the minimum system requirements to play the game.

System Requirements for Crysis 2 multiplayer
operating system : Windows XP / 7
processor : above 2 GHz dual core
Ram : 2 GB
Harddisk Space : 9 GB
video card : the AMD 3850 or Nvidia 8800 GT
DirectX : 9

  • dynamic gameplay
  • Nano-suit customization options
  • very good graphics
  • Sounds and effects of a successful

  • minor technical difficulties present

Total Downloads: 2

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