Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

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Product Arkane Studios
Operating SystemsWindows ME / XP / 7 / 8
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Dark Messiah Might and magic, turn-based RPG game. We picture a young man named Gareth who is a forensic pfennig sorcerer’s apprentice in the game we’ll sweat to destroy evil.

actually, Gareth is studying witchcraft since she was very little. Set out to fight against evil with the skills you’ve gained here. The story seems a bit simple though, we can say that the game is quite fun.

Dark Messiah Might and magic has the distinction of being one of strategy games based on abilities. For this reason, it can be adapted very easily to the game. Basically abilities are gathered in three groups. These are combat, magic, and are grouped as Other. Kombat is actually a measure of our ability to war. Kombat so we can say that how powerful attack. Personally it’s about our ability to defend not just attack Kombat. We use the four elements of magic, a skill class. These four elements of air, water, earth and fire. The remaining skills also is made up of little things. You ought to keep it balanced capabilities actually. As you can see as much detail as other games have a game that consists of a grouping of items is not simple. Before I forget, to skip the missions you have to complete the level and kill the creatures. Thus, you can skip the level by collecting experience points.

Dark Messiah Might and magic graphics using the graphics engine Source Engine. We know this from the graphics engine of Half-Life, actually. In a sense, the two games related in this way. The graphics are generally successful. The effects of light refraction and also successfully running. Environmental and building coatings made in a way also quite successful. Graphics is likely to encounter a serious error, but it won’t disturb you a bit you may come across errors from time to time, but that the course of the game, preventing the kind of an error.

gets a passing grade from us charts. If we can say that the sound leg in the front is well designed. Sometimes time is experiencing a shift in vocalizations, although this certainly does not affect the negative aspects of the game.

with the success of the physics engine, sound, graphics and playability in terms of integrity is ensured. Surpassing the bar manages to be attractive for gaming. Finally, the artificial intelligence, how you say, pray for your health. It is serious. The opponent you play alone and just stay healthy so that it doesn’t produce you the tactics that will lead to itching. You put a sword in a while and you can see a bunch from running on you but isn’t too difficult to overcome them.

to sum it up, dark Messiah Might and magic graphics, sound, and artificial intelligence gets a passing grade from us with enough. One of the games that actually need to try all the game lovers. Enjoyable games.


  • Nice death animations available

  • You have no depth in the characters
  • the environment is not satisfactory in the game

Total Downloads: 1

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