Delta Force Xtreme 2

Delta Force Xtreme 2

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Product NovaLogic
Operating SystemsWindows XP / 7 / 8
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special forces

the pupil units of the army called the Special Forces. Because the soldiers who were here, from every angle, well-educated and technologically quite well equipped. Special forces, spent too much effort on them due to volumes it is extremely natural for you to be shown a bit more care. This style has units in every army in the world. Due to this cherished status of the Special Forces, this theme is handled in a lot of action films. Also present in the game world and its special forces on several scenarios in the series. This review is one of the first games in the gaming world moved into special forces, Delta Force Series, 8. so from the game Delta Force: Xtreme 2 I’m going to talk about. NovaLogic, Delta Force game was first released in 1999. Designed as a tactical FPS game series, quite popular by players. So far, Delta Force game 9, World Series to show us how much you love the game enough. The general logic of the game is as follows; As always the enemies of America with the idea of a blend and break down at different times lengths for terrorist acts.

as you know, the United States most victimized in the world in terms of terrorism is the state of peace and does not compromise on the issue. Anyway, we called the game we’re creating a military Delta Force together. Team Alpha, Bravo and Charlie team is composed of. We need soldiers and we are on our own a Bravo. There are two soldiers of Alpha and Charlie. Our goal is to send all of America’s enemies to hell where they belong. Sometimes these drug and weapons smugglers. And they’re all in different countries, since the extreme point of the day you need to edit in the way operations in different countries. Of course, we are volunteers. It is the story of the single player mode of Delta Force Xtreme 2 is on the way. CAD tasks, including Peru and Russia is taking place in three main areas. Naturally the spaces in these fields is changing. So us desert, forest and ice waiting. Innovations and criticized from the point of the game let’s most graphic details. First of all, on the basis of this criticism, in the absence of innovation in any area of the game-or join this even if on a very small scale has remained the same. In this regard, a little to the right players. Okay, the general logic of the series and the gameplay can be a touch risky behavior or innovation, in terms of the production company. However, the quality of the graphic details and texture should also be taken to a slightly higher level of clear. To get this result though; the graphics in the game is not in so deplorable a condition.

are major obstacles to the gameplay doesn’t add even numbers to 20. modeling the weapons and manages to present a pleasant image we. Here is just a little bit more emphasize criticism that I have noted this on behalf is very important. Well, in any xtreme2 there is innovation? Of course there is one in particular, I needed quite a remarkable innovation. Since the checkpoint is to save parts of the game, if you die before reaching this point in the map, you took a long time to come back to that point. Delta Force games, it’s always a fairly large map, the player is presented. Because of this Width, the next point to reach, could become quite tedious. To overcome this problem for the player the ability to use Xtreme 2 in motor vehicles has been granted. With many tools such as motorbike or Jeep to navigate around the map. The general lines of the game in this way. In the game, except from the single player mode co-op(up to 4 people) and online play modes. As a result, Delta Force Xtreme 2 classic series average stands in place. If you like action games or online FPS games on very large maps up to 150 people in that allows the player to get a taste of if you want to Xtreme 2 is for you.

Delta Force Xtreme 2 System Requirements

central processing unit (CPU) : Pentium IV 2.0 GHz.
short-term memory(RAM): 1024 MB RAM
video card(video card: 64 MB video card
free space: 2.0 GB free space
System: Windows XP/Vista.
keyboard and mouse
Direct X : 8.0 or higher


  • according to the performance, low system requirements and wants
  • Realistic battle scenes available
  • Open map style

  • bad Graphics
  • had not been developed in artificial intelligence
  • very strong tools in a trivial way

Total Downloads: 75

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