Doom 3

Doom 3

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Product id Software
Operating SystemsWindows 2000/XP
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In 2004, found a considerable audience in FPS games developed by id Software and published by Activision Doom 3 is perhaps among the first of many games he played.First, we use only the computer in accounting work in the years (1994) we know that doom has started a new era in this sector of the game world and had the top to the bottom. The throne of game machine the Amiga to the ground with doom even more as pcs began to be sold.

The first announcement of the 2001 Doom 3 Release date was postponed to times when the dozens of new PCs that the new Xbox had its share starting to cling to. Said of a system for gaming PCs that will be available on the first Xbox was seen as a monster.Announced that it will be released as summer 2004 approaches, the game will be postponed again looking through the eyes of everyone. Doom 3 but of the times contrary to the expectations, launched a new era of presented to the users. What is interesting is that the first Xbox was the outbreak of the game that is described to be used in the PC. A one-year hiatus after released with the Xbox version of Doom 3, The PC version after it moved to a higher level of expectations. Again, developed by id Software, this version had received support from the company named Vicarious Vision plus.


anyone who’s played the previous series of the game doom on an established base on Mars experienced the supernatural to know that developments are included. Top features includes all the graphics and more in terms of operation, although the previous two games we can say that we are doing the same basic things. I completely disagree with only if they need the graphics of the game. Maybe a Pentium 3 processor can function at a higher level to work with a game that can be seen as a miracle. In terms of controls, we must say that both the Xbox and PC versions are pretty well developed. The controls in the Xbox version, but unlike other games, are found to contain more options. Maybe if the Xbox version will work on recording fps can be said to be the most needed feature in quick. Here’s a quick Doom 3 on Xbox back in conjunction with made possible only by using registration tool can be made.

Doom 3 in terms of gameplay

held at the control map from the PC version of Doom 3 pretty much having the same characteristics as sections and is progressing smoothly. The only Cons are the lack of artificial intelligence of the monsters are good enough and can be circumvented in a simple way we can say that. If we need to look briefly at the pros and cons;

to be a flowing game, sound and visual effects, top-level Eclipse, is among the pros of providing an easy way out of control. In the absence of any development or change in artificial intelligence, stands out as the largest negative aspect. As a result, although in both versions the PC version is of higher quality than the Xbox version seems to have yapimca integrity. It’s safe to say that Doom 3 is still the leader in FPS games.

System Requirements for Doom 3
operating system : Windows 2000/XP
processor : Pentium 4 or Athlon XP 1.5 GHz and above
Ram : 512 MB
Harddisk Space : 2.2 GB
video card : 64 MB
DirectX : 9.0 b

  • horror elements very fine-grained
  • impressive graphics and atmosphere
  • playing time
  • Weapon and creature diversity

  • Limited enemy movements
  • how long a game too much so

Total Downloads: 1

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