Dynasty Warriors 6

Dynasty Warriors 6

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Product Omega Force
Operating SystemsWindows Xp / Vista / 7
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this time the sixth edition of the series with dynasty warriors Omega force emerges. The distribution business of the company is undertaken by a game Koei, PS, Xbox and PC platforms, meet with those who love the game.

we here at the games one of the classics of any game series dynasty warriors, which is a change in the line in the final game as the line continues to protect by not going to. This us quite exhilarating. Because the strategy is based on the number of games like dynasty warriors or shot from quite low quality and broke.

first, it’s no different from the previous game in terms of game playability. Except for a few improvements as well as new scenarios and characters already in the game isn’t an improvement. In fact, the game’s logic. Basically a story of heroes and new adventures with each release. But the Omega Force, sixth version is a pretty good innovation. It will be quite useful to browse this particular. A examine of these innovations;

“skill tree” to begin with.

level up your character with skill points you earn as you develop the talent tree (skill tree) you can add certain special abilities to your character which are available. Applicable skills in the skill tree, within easy reach of hard-to-reach are sorted from left to right until can. You don’t have to learn a skill, just the skill tree, you can develop your existing powers.

“appointment system” let us continue.

we can say the most radical innovation in the game Renbu System. Renbu actually a new combo system. The power of combos in previous versions of the game varied according to the strength of the character’s weapon. Attack your opponents in the Rhine system when you perform your attack level is improving. I mean, how many enemies you kill if you have the ability to earn and is getting so much stronger. A kind of ” we can think of it as a form of experience. One other feature of this system renbu attack ren, unless your levels drop. Make your opponents attack you unless your abilities are declining, and you have to make your attacks weaker. We have no doubt that an aesthetic feature that makes the game pretty. Already our favorite innovation in the game Renbu system. It’s fair to say that makes the game more realistic.

let’s continue examining the game options. Firstly, the Home screen greets you with a nice and simple game. On the main screen, you various game modes are waiting for you. These are respectively;

Musou Mode: that allows you to play by selecting one of the 17 characters Musou Mode, classic mode represents a scenario in progress. Quite enjoyable to watch the cinematics in the game are also available. This is not to be understood as long enough to be worrisome cinematics are far too short. Just right and offers a very pleasant impression.

Free Mode as the name suggests, it’s a free mod. 41 on the map that you want by selecting one of the main characters, which allows you to have much fun with this mod you can be running at say that it is possible to.

Challenge Mode: the most we can say is the mod I personally I’m struggling. A race against time to fulfill a variety of tasks on behalf with this mod you’re trying. For example, in this period the greatest damage water most of the time kill a man, pillage, dirt-such as the dock.

Camp: is a treasure of information, we can say that literally. Until that day, that you open a mode where you can see all the properties of the characters. Date information including maps and details of all the battles in the game, also you can see.

The game is generally quite simple and fun. Controls it’s pretty easy. Not to piss you off and force you out of the game is designed to ensure you have a good time. Most of the things that will push you in the game and the boss is the boss at the same time with 5 of the enemy when you think you can compete, you’ll find better information about the difficulty level of the game.

your hardware will never tire because it doesn’t offer a high-performance graphics and animations. We can say that the quality of sound and graphics is medium. The game overall performance.


  • Miscellaneous controls
  • smooth gameplay

  • not all characters are playable in Story Mode
  • there are slowdowns during fights
  • don’t appear in the cinematic version of fighting between

Total Downloads: 22

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