Enemy Territory Quake Wars

Enemy Territory Quake Wars

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quake wars, Quake 2 and quake’s pre-it’s about time. So Strogg’s about the people and the history of collisions in the first game. Just like in the game, a classic in the fantasy world in the games as the last war, certain classes and races are located, but these classes of skill, strength and properties are totally equal in condition. “Well, then, what’s the difference between them?” I hear you ask. The difference is this: if you want to start the game, select the human race and the Strogg on defense as always if you want to play an attacking game you can play on. Again, in the game that are distributed according to races and classes, weapons, equipment and specifications are available. For example, over the course of this class belong to one human race is able to keep you from making defensive weapons engineer class only, or can fix by repairing buildings and roads collapsed. The most important thing in the game actually put out a good team game, naturally the game gets easier to win when you manage a good team.

if you want to play the game in multiplayer with a full team spirit if feeling better to play as, but playing against bots in the single player game modes and a variety of fun it is possible to take pleasure by yourself.

The appearance of the game in terms of graphics and if we take first, it should be noted that the Doom 3 engine is used, and which graphics engine, this engine also can be quite good for those days. The quality of the game is quite good and has managed to preserve the atmosphere of war. If you look at the overall game I need the graphics, gameplay and in terms of subject, and diversity in terms of property it is possible to say that is really good quality and a good game.

Total Downloads: 3

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