Evochron Legends

Evochron Legends

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Evochron Legends StarWraith space simulation developed by 3D games. The game starts from the cabin of a space ship. You’re the pilot of this ship as you. The appearance of your space ship, you can change functions. Your ship with the component-based by making changes in structure can affect performance. Ship design will be shaped according to the role you will play in the game.

The Story of the game, revolves around people chasing Phantom ships. It looks like people can manipulate the game in any way, but there are some tasks to do. The game is story-driven quests/there are signs, and spreading into the evochron universe after these tasks, the player begins to follow these tasks.

during the course of the game, with quests and side quests to fulfill that you are moving. One of the first tasks g/tractor beam. This beam, digging, mining, and tensile strength. Thus, you can make money out of precious metals in the asteroid and the planet.

there are other ways to make money. These are a race with other ships in space to make solar energy panels clean, send it back by finding some items in space, location contracts and make contracts for the delivery of cargo and fulfill their duties. You’ll have to earn and earn money in the game even faster. The reason for this is to meet the expenses of your space ship. If you win, fuel, etc, you can convert.

you read in a spaceship in infinity missions. 3-dimensional environment is quite impressive. Planets, stars, cities, asteroids, nebulae, and you’re circling in the space environment of caves. Evochron is a wonderful place. Different systems and the human community, separated in the war is made of the tasks from each segment of the pilot, the hosting environment is incredibly precious metals. Eternity means eternity this is my trading and money making resources. So, isolated and created a universe in evochron we can say that the space to be consumed.

The game is multi-player support. Connects to the game server that everyone can play the game. Evochron multi-holding back any player in the game with the rules. You can manage and control your own space ship the way you want. This feature of the game, players in the game increases creativity.

I can say that the game is hard. I tried to mention the points above that need attention, but the game creators realize the difficulty of the game, resulting in a training mode as they have developed. In training mode, if you want you can get your training from the beginning to the end of the entire game or just the game specific sections of related training you can get in. On the internet, very helpful resources available. Especially war tactics, and so on research you do will increase your success in the game.

good games…

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