F. E. A. R. Perseus Mandate

F. E. A. R. Perseus Mandate

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for years and years, games, games by chasing moving. 2005 F. E. A. R. when I first met with us, do we remember like it was yesterday. Both action and horror fps hybrid game as both a both both of us was fed into fear to the story. Already one of the first things to mind when they say a horror game F. E. A. R. manages to earn it with sweat and praise the success of the. Gotta work on the story, cinematics, and with the success of fps, great effort to set up and not waste it as a game given a throne in our hearts.

first encounter Assault Recon (F. E. A. R) after collecting the credit with the other version, which is the first version of F. E. A. R. : Perseus mandate was released in 2007. Of course, I was but a lad at that time. It’s approximately 15 years old. I was at the summit my courage. Of course, when I started playing F. E. A. R. at night with my brother I saw that I wasn’t so Brave. We played the game because of the night, I was forced to sleep with my brother. Even in my dream I told my mom when the creatures “-this is how if you have imagination, kid,” he said. Imagination is the source of my tension, of course, F. E. A. R.. A generation had forbidden ears are telling me to sleep I mean. 2007 we’ve mandate immediately when we come to Perseus. This time I was more excited and more daring. That evening, I head for the computer and turn off the lights with my brother. (I don’t like playing by myself because ()

Perseus mandate is roughly the same as the scenario in the story is working. It would be more correct to say that the main story is based around. We just manage the character and the game’s artificial intelligence has changed. A few new weapons available in our inventory. Games and other additional packages you have placed if before 2007, you won’t see much change. To design The new space, explore new places, runs in our veins and we all wonder if it was a request, but this time it didn’t. In the game space, in terms of fiction and story so you should feel in any way. Perseus mandate what to do in the other games he’s in. Despite this, it is possible to say that the game is easier. What if our creatures hard to kill Perseus because in the previous games was purified by mandate little. Pre-drops ammo on us as we opened the door, and they were either stored and they’d hunt us off guard. Those types of transactions in a way that they believe does not exist anymore fight. They don’t take cover, they also flinches from behind the trenches, they don’t yeltenmiy much to kill you. Very comfortable that they’ll be out where and when you can take a nap. Polat alemdar even as the enemy came up to him and you can squeeze snugly on the head. Bored, tired of the game for you if you can make it to the end without getting one extra chapter opens. You can play the present to intention.

Normally loves to play F. E. A. R., F. E. A. R. Perseus in mandate I didn’t get to enjoy. I even remember my brother’s words, still smiling, “not this time”. The guy said it when I can’t tell you that there was an expression on it, like it was like sinking ships in the Black Sea. In short, F. E. A. R. Perseus Mandate made us a little sad. In spite of everything, F. E. A. R. for the sake of a chance to recognize it and you can play it. If you like to play without difficulty even sounds like fun. We don’t know.

as the graphics of the game moved forward. Say it more realistic, more garish designs we were waiting for but it didn’t. The graphics engine is pretty old. But I can say that I wish for water, glass breakage, even if you never do it. I can’t say that is very impressive in terms of graphics. Of habit, to hear what is performed in water or in the most current version of F. E. A. R. as well. So scared to say that sound is scary.

If the first versions of the story if you have played F. E. A. R. is progressing to see how you can play. If you are a fan of F. E. A. R. except her do not keep your expectations high that I would not be disappointed. F. E. A. R. Perseus mandate of the rating Metacritic 63/100 Add to this. F. E. A. R. for the sake of enjoyable for everyone who says he can give you a chance of games we wish you the best.


  • some really scary moments
  • new enemies have been added

  • added anything new to the game like the first 2 Fear
  • the level of difficulty is annoying

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