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Socotrina of the land— surrounded by a garden border hidden reality-distorting mist.
Adeline Chords Fallstreak tells the tale of a young girl that enters a timeless golden dream when she falls asleep.
How the dreams are all related to the collapse of the fire, the flames rained from the sky ten years ago in which a mysterious disaster prismatic, and how does it connect with each ultimate goal: escape from the closed world of Socotrina?

Elements of traditional storytelling that is a visual novel with a linear application Fallstreak modern dark fantasy and psychological thriller to create a complex narrative unique components of the experience.


– Writing An 80,000 Word Script
– Character Sprites: Sprites 13 The Unique Character
– Backgrounds: 30+ Unique BGs
– Illustrations: 12 Event CGs
– Original Sound Track: 23 Tracks

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