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Gothic 3

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“Anonymous Hero has returned”

days became weeks, weeks months and months years the chase has stopped. Human beings from the cave walls, Abacus, Abacus to the calculator and from there extends to a technology that is going to toss in the adventure of Super computers. At first, it may be intelligent machines that are used for mathematical Economics boring and actually fun it was noticed that accounting jobs. I don’t know who noticed it first, but MS-DOS games from Unreal Engine for fun in this adventure of mankind that extends to the hours spend at the computer. Of course, some may prefer to have fun by listening to music, but those who are like us in the world of adventure and imagination, filled with wonders, no doubt, upset the rules of the world to play games that we love. Because these games gives you the opportunity to do things we wouldn’t do in the real world. We are stuck with fantastic monsters and able to compete in the space. In this game we call the world of RPG and a game that has millions of fans around the world type. RPG, with his Turkish counterpart, role-playing games. In summary, the character manage to develop. One of the most popular games in this Gothic RPG games. Even so tied-now the third version (does not count if we are packages additional patch) Gothic 3 glancing.

as with the first two games of the series, the third game in the “unsung hero”track. Sometimes when your cell phone rings you on the screen “unknown number” you will see, or indeed we are. If you would like to be a nameless hero, our answer is ready, you will announce that you are your name. This is a fun adventure to putting the door on an event. What I do know is that commander for FREE The Legend of time, don’t be you will qualify to work. Tear down of the orc with orcs and destroy mankind or save humanity and plundered the weak and rebellious, keeping a head or two is in your hands. The game starts as soon as the orc is already an emaciated under pressure do you find yourself in the story of the human race.

events that takes place in myrtana. Myrtan; Warrants in the southern rocky mountains, covered with ancient glaciers in the North we have an area that nordmar eminent. We are taking steps to myrtana anonymous hero, and we find ourselves to have an adventure. Actually, Gothic 3, Gothic 2 is the continuation in the scenario. Here we meet up with some heroes that we know from Gothic 2. These guys are already more judges to the region they came here before us and they give us key information about the Sociology of the area. Do we stops back at us, just we are thrown into events.

as Rambler Classic “level up” in the form of We are moving. So, we’re developing and raising the level by fulfilling the tasks our hero. As levels rise, our hero adds to the power of. Oh, and before I forget, we start by choosing one of three professions to add in the game; warrior(warrior), archer(Archer), wizard(sorcerer). We want to strengthen our character, which is already the property in him, if you need to find the appropriate trainer. So if we are the magician (my preference is usually to be a warrior – the greatest sin of magic) so we’re working with related items, sword, arrow, it doesn’t really help us.

Now then, let’s give a good news to fans of the Gothic; the Gothic ‘Gothic 3 that stole our life with that ridiculous event logging smoothed. Us from one end to the other end of the map tasks running in the modified case, no longer have a duty in itself more consistent. Bring back a stolen artifact tasks, tasks such as the classic clear of the creatures in that area. By tackling small tasks big tasks in order to receive we need to win the trust of the leaders of the camp. Let me add that the map is quite big. Be careful not to wander in many people unemployed, because an ambush to the case designed on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Piranha games jowood Productions is doing the broadcasting of the game. Unfortunately, Gothic 3 has no support for multiplayer. Gothic 3 and let me tell you a little more tired then I’ll tell you your hardware. My HP has been locked a few times due to overheating. Hopefully this technical problem can be corrected with patches of the game. Gothic 3 is pretty good game which has awesome graphics. Lovers should not be missing from the archives of RPG-style game. Is the advice. Enjoyable games.


  • a living game world
  • nothing is completely black or white
  • the choice of variable according to the variable results

  • sound system
  • too much bug

Total Downloads: 2

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