Halo 2

Halo 2

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from the hands of the bungee Halo 2 firmware, broadcasting, Microsoft did that action game. In fact, the first Halo for the Xbox, which is designed about 3 years later (we don’t know why it took so much time) have been adapted for the PC platform. This also caused some errors and omissions in the graphical sense. With current Graphics technology is evolving so fast that the difference in performance between the two engines graphics engines from 3 years ago. This is the case when using the same graphics engine developers to make the game more aesthetically pleasing, they tried to make more colorful, more vibrant colors and went to use. This provides a small improvement, although unnecessary in the skins game character skins all in the community cheif master bright “shining man” to be referred to as caused. Also, we should note at the outset that the character is a little boxy designs.

we are beginning by negative reviews of a game, and although it is not good in the beginning to say Let’s continue by saying at this time last. Let’s continue the rest of the review saying that the game would be more positive. Because Halo 2 deserves it more.

The graphics engine of the game we told you that you have some gaps because it is a little old. Although the graphics engine is old, the animation, let’s just say the transition was quite successful. The mechanical and aesthetic looks of the character movements are quite smooth. We must also have the ability to move a wide variety of characters.

another good part of the game cinematics. Let’s say that of cinematics was quite successful. You just evoke the feeling you were watching an action movie cinematics, it ensures the integrity of the story as it makes the game quite enjoyable.

the flavor of an action movie later, Halo 2 is a fps (first-person Shooting from the eyes )also the controls for the game are designed in this manner. The game that we move with keyboard and mouse combinations you can play with the gamepad also. Let’s just say that with a fluent performance that have not Gamepad. Keyboard and mouse combination is, however, quite smooth. Already more mouse controls you are moving. Even we can say that even with the mouse control the car is done. For those who are not familiar can be a little difficult but after getting used to it, you can make moves faster and more practical in this situation turn to their favor.

we will address the topic of artificial intelligence in Halo 2 If we can say that is average. Later in the game because there is an artificial intelligence as fixed. Artificial intelligence in place that if followed according to the type of errors more enemy characters present. Sometimes you might spend might surprise you grab your enemy and pedagogical training and has the ability to a degree that sometimes you can see that.

the variety of weapons and vehicles in Halo 1 Halo 2 also present. Quite a wide range of weapons in Halo 2 The use of the weapon also exists where the use of the vehicle don’t come down. We can control almost everything from the tank to the spacecraft freedom the game offers a serious. Not only us, but our enemies have the same freedom. On the other hand, is alien, considering that our enemies, we would gain some insight into the variety of weapons and vehicles more comfortable about. In this game of rough-and-tumble the most basic reason that there will be a fight. The main feature of the game is hidden within us. There is a Armor power over US. The main feature of this power Armor is the energy source. So, our Armor, we become more resistant to the energy of the shots is quite high. Took as strokes, Falls and the energy of our Armor, we need a breather in a corner to die. The game also features a multiplayer option. The single-player mode you will want to try the multiplayer option after graduating from. Multi-player mode are quite successful.

to sum it up, Halo 2, feeds us into the action. With plenty of vehicles and the variety of weapons was kept quite. Multi-player option is quite fun. We can say that the graphics engine a little old. We can offer comfort with action lovers. Enjoyable games.


  • one of the best examples of the genre FPS
  • Unusual multiplayer Features
  • Audio outstanding music and effects
  • artificial intelligence is very good
  • co-op mode is fun

  • Scenario should have been a little better
  • short tasks
  • Co-playing online op

Total Downloads: 2

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