Hellgate: London

Hellgate: London

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location: London Year: 2038

The Demon using that to get us in the entire series The Secret World of turmoil. Even the children of the devil already has spread to every corner of the world. They use people all the facilities in their hands to defeat the demons. Strolling arm in an extraordinary mobilization of the world. Yessi – Jessica – also had its share of attacks. Lyra, who was attacked with Jessica to church, hoping to escape. Although Jessica managed to escape, Lyra, not so lucky.

did you not like watching frames from a movie? Such a beautiful cinematic starts with Hellgate: London. Jessica’s grandfather tells his side of the events that occurred the rest of the cinematheque. Already a big boy with blond hair as Jessica re-emerges.

inevitably we find ourselves in the middle of a mysterious adventure. There are basically three Faction – race as you can think of. This is also who they’re separated into various types among themselves. The most familiar Templar; the Guardian and the Blademaster is divided into. As its name implies the best characters in a sword fight. You can see as sort of modern Knights. Cabalist faction Warlock, evoker and Summoner classes are divided into two in itself. Finally, for lovers of firearm Hunter; emerges with Marksman and engineer classes.

it’s not as complicated progression of the game. Us are given a task. After they cut out in front of us with the logic that God gives you the task completes, and we’re going back to the main base. We should pay attention in the game, “to spare”them so we can and describe the item s as well. In total, four different available spare. As in every game, Hellgate: London in cakes/items weapons and items as we develop our various jobs they do. Speaking of weapons, the weapons in the game is very pleasant to use. Weapons can be used in five different modes in the game. Rocket, ammo, battery, fuel, Relic. Naturally, every one does the damage. Toxic weapon for your money also, shot, such as various plug-ins you can make. In order to do this the machines are placed in certain parts of the game. Remove a property from the gun to the gun, add a new feature as mercenaries, or mercenaries. At first it may sound strange, but if it were in real life – wouldn’t it be so fantastic in real life – you would be paying to do various operations on your gun. In addition, the war we said We’d come to know with the sword. Our Sword is nothing to worry about yukselte we know the power of the shot by adding a variety of features. Also, when using firearms, a fps camera, third person view when using weapons such as a sword, you can choose to.

there is a tree of character development, a character in the game. At first, the very least we need to develop our character in the game when we enter feature is active. Improving our character while also gaining various abilities. These Double-handed swords use, run faster, or more durable is made up of different skills such as being. This development also – also, what weapons we could use – you are able to track The character from the tree. So if we go to war with WHO, which, what is the advantage by considering things like a better game we can come up with. Get all the details in the game, “I”, you need to press. In the dialog which appears you can see the weapons and stats.

The game logic is a bit boring the task is progressing. Tasks similar to an up and down one actually, just changing the difficulty levels a bit. Completing the task in exchange for money, experience points, stat gain, we are able to. Also plenty of five main sections and sub-task have a range of the side sections.

another nice feature of the game is “Multiplayer” option is the availability of. But the option of having more computer equipment in multiplayer. This is an error from the physics engine. Several patches come out for it to come through the company, but the problem is not completely solved.

The graphics of the game remained at moderate levels. In our opinion, could have been much better, actually is supposed to be good. Such a beautiful story and a game with more dynamism graphics need to stop. Voices and sound effects already a repeat. Could have been more varied. Similar to the one of the tasks that you take pleasure from the first game can be boring after a while. A bona fide work but could be better. If you like thriller and action type games are fantastic if you can try. Enjoyable games.


  • a unique class system
  • variety and to be able to claim Item
  • addictive gameplay

  • Weak interchange system
  • the level design could be better

Total Downloads: 1

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