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Heroes & generals, fighting with players from around the world, large and continuous online in a war, Germany, the United States and the Soviet Union fought for the victory of 2. World War in the atmosphere, free to play, massively multiplayer online first person shooter game.

Whether it’s a Infantry, tank crews, fighter pilot, Parachutist, scouts, everything you do in this game, you play as a general who makes the strategic decisions will determine the outcome of the war.

Influential American M1A1 submachine gun in the game; legendary German Panzer pzkpfw V Ausf G. “”Panther”” tanks, the Great Soviet Yak-9B fighter, and is equipped with a variety of realistic weapons and vehicles such as a bicycle even! Thanks to the regularly published updates of the game, arsenal is constantly growing.

Heroes & generals always behind the team. A big difference when creating a single player even of victory, defeat, and a team of friends is experiencing. Heroes & generals, and bring together team players with a friendly community and a growing understanding of the game and wants to create friendships all over the world.

Make a difference: fight for your friends!

Total Downloads: 2

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