Hex: shards of fate

Hex: shards of fate

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File Size10.3 MB
Product Cryptozoic Entertainment
Operating SystemsWindows XP / / Vista / 7 / 8
Date4 months on
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HEX: shards of fate, Cryptozoic entertainment produced by an online multiplayer card game. The card game, speaking of that morass, is a fantastic game played with Cards, not magical like a king. Also the game Windows, is playable on Mac OS X and iOS platforms. Game 2 and reached a turnover of close to half a million dollars to account for if we add we can more easily see that is a popular game. HEX by selecting one from among the four major race of getting to play we start the game. Specially crafted for each race there is a deck of cards 60. So this is the first tutorial of games in the form of education will be passing. We start with playing uno when we started the game like 7 Card.

each card has a character of its own and each character has a unique power. Our goal is to be strong and effective work to reduce their lives to zero saying in the face of our opponents cards. There are some special cards in hex rather powerful creature cards. One of them resides flying creatures cards. That is quite difficult to stop the flying creatures and creatures that can stop these very few cards. With this Defense, you may draw a card from a deck of 60 cards that will allow. So if you have a card in your hand with the flying creatures, and the competition in this defense or double-you feel like you’re that’s ok. There is also a feature in the game; to sell by auction the cards in your hand, you can buy another card that is on sale. So you need the card in your hand or the cards in your hand by selling the card you need you can buy. This is a situation we have met in many card games already. Very nice system in this manner if it meets this condition is progressing. This teaches us the right use of money in our coffers. There is a tournament in HEX feature. This looks like a pretty good option.

sign up to tournaments with Tournaments tab. Hex also has a 100 thousand dollar tournament organized around the world I’ve heard, but never in such detail because I wasn’t honoured to participate in a tournament I’m not into the foundation. (These always virtual money), to test the patience of the Arena and your ring of Frost is an option. 4 boos here, and you are fighting with 20 people in total. So the probability of quitting a boss is fifty percent; there. In fact, all the odds are fifty percent. Anyway, that’s another story, of course. When considered in terms of graphics and sound effects the game has been quite successful. I am quite enthusiastic about the atmosphere in the gloomy weather. This gloomy weather is quite dreary music in the game makes it fun. What is your favourite aspect of the game? I think if you ask the question, without a doubt card designs. Card designs offers a truly remarkable spectacle that made it so beautiful. The popularity of card games is low compared to other games, but I think all gamers who want to live a different experience, try hex. Enjoyable games.

Hex: shards of fate System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP / / Vista / 7 / 8
processor : Intel Core i3-2120 @ 3.30 GHz
Ram : 2 GB
Harddisk Space : 2 GB
video card : NVIDIA GeForce 6600 / ATI Radeon X1550
DirectX : 9.0

  • Descriptive tutorial
  • PvP Arena tournaments
  • wide card catalog

  • missing Combat animations
  • a bug in some animations

Total Downloads: 3

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