Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin

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Product Eidos
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in the month of October 2002, as an action game, released Hitman 2: silent Assassin game producer, IO interactive, Eidos studios definitely made delivering.

The film also adapted for the big screen and at least the much-acclaimed game Hitman, the barcode on the back of the head of the brothers are extremely charismatic and the assassination of undertaking the tasks handled. The first Hitman game with adrenaline and the action carrying us to the summit of the second game, with that it manages.

The game so I don’t need that many offer a variety of options. At the same time being beyond the boundaries of a full game is an action game and a role-playing game-turned-Hitman to complete tasks in dressed in the outfit we are entering. Gathers intelligence on the street like a cleaning staff, observing what’s going on lately he doctor, postman, gardener at the scene with various roles such as we are able to do the task. At this point the game us unbelievable “how’s it going” make option.

Hitman our mission at is quite simple; “to kill”. Yes, almost the entire game is built on it. As an individual who is already prepared for it “killing” with our capabilities we can fulfill our mission without much difficulty. Behold, as a wise man said, “it doesn’t matter what you have with what you have, what you do is important.” Like the game. We have the ability to camouflage, we have the cloaking ability, extra virgin our ability, we have many talents, such as our ability to use weapons and fight, but what is important to them, where, when, and in what way we can use it to the best account.

in the art of assassination become the undertake the role of an agent in the true sense in Hitman 2. Not to kill our adversaries, we are able to get their weapons and their clothes. Dragging the body of the people we killed, no one will take you to a place to see one of the smartest things, that is. This lends a different atmosphere to our game. From role to role and, in a way we are trying to be inconspicuous while attempting to perform the assassination. We have been noticed that we we aren’t only talented in Hitman 2 the killer at the moment it’s a matter of time for you to come face to face with death.

you can use many weapons in the game. From a 9 millimeter pistol gun sniper, there is every reason to Garrote from a lethal injection. So the game, killing your taste the leaves. Of course, in accordance with subject to certain conditions. For example, a man running from behind to catch and you don’t have a Garrote around his neck. Absolutely silent and we need to approach with heavy steps. Otherwise you’re being noticed and who noticed the incident, including the man you’re after all armed foes, turn into the colander, and you can bring the consistency of the bullet freak. In the game we can’t waste bullets like there’s a factory bullet of our Father. Limited and we need to use sparingly until you find some new ones of our bullets. We are able to get the bullets from the guns of the men we killed new. In places in some places, for example there are likely to be able to get the bullet out before us in a closet, but still be cautious. Because as a killer with a bar code on the back of the head bald and charismatic, calm and quiet us that we can fulfill our mission in a manner that is most appropriate for finishing the job shape. He rushed to a building already and you don’t have to give God kill all the guards. In disguise, infiltrate and foe the place where the assassination was quiet, softly perform the best. In the meantime, I pumped in and out of the garage the first section of the game weapon, one of my favorite weapons in the game. Your weapons can be in isolated places like this. Before I forget, one of my favorite features of everything in the game can be adjusted to the silence and privacy. Instead of diving in and taking to kick in the door, there is an option to look through the peephole, every detail in this game it is the indication of how thin the attempt. The controls are fairly simple already. Even though you haven’t played Hitman 2 You can easily adapt the previous version.

graphically the game is quite elaborate. 5-inch wall projection, such as walking in the path as he walks away hurul apart from minor defects, the game’s not really out of the question. Coatings are kept somewhat simple, but the character models are pretty nice. Game sounds and quite enjoyed it. The voice of the rising voltage at the approach of danger to us in the best way can make you feel the atmosphere of the game.

to make a long story short, everybody kills the thing he loves. But everyone can kill as quietly Hitman. We would advise anyone who wants to handle the charismatic murders. Enjoyable games.

Minimum System Requirements for Hitman 2 silent Assassin Game

CPU : P3 450 ghz

RAM : 128 MB

video card: 32 MB 3D have to be.

System : Windows 98/ Xp

free space : 800 MB free space.


  • flexible task list
  • Best fictionalized advance the story

  • does not feature a multiplayer mode

Total Downloads: 2

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