Holiday Escape

Holiday Escape

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Originally created as a game title for the PC scorekeeping holiday escape a casual jam project. This title starts out as a snowman preparing for Christmas when the player plays a massive snowball chasing him down the mountain. The colossal snowball from running while players try to grab as many presents as possible while having the obstacles before the path eventually flattens snowball ornaments and snowman.

Holiday escapes that moment of players any skill level can quickly learn features easy to learn control scheme. Allows players to move to different sides of the 2D movement like being able to prevent or slow down while on the trail to get out of sticky situations. More daring players can utilize the rebound from hitting certain objects to change direction to grab Collectables and more. While collecting the presents and ornaments, players will accumulate points for a final high score at the end of the game Talking. Casual players can evaluate their play session aim to beat their previous highest score in a more competitive player. To add to this, the game adds randomly by picking a set of modular pieces ly from one mountain on the path to obstacle courses and obstacle arrangements are collectable, so no two ever the same.

Total Downloads: 3

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