Hyper Simon X

Hyper Simon X

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  • Simon Hyper X is an arcade shoot’ em up puzzle game with shmup mechanics is the application on the old school ‘Simon says’ memory games. The order showed on the shot you should hit enemies with the Special, the regular shot while shooting with the others.
  • While you are Perfect for the queue to play another game, Hyper x fast arcade score chaser Simon and objectives are reach the top of leaderboards and achievements to unlock beat the game personal score.
  • Hyper Simon X the free game made for that based on the job I dare ludu 41 ‘Hyper Simox 3000’, the theme for the jam was ‘combine two incompatible genres’.

  • Destroy the ships shown on the order up to level for every level the sequence gets bigger, just like Simon says.
  • Destroying other ships and bigger ships to get bigger combos and combine the sequence scores.
  • Other ships are hit by the wrong color or get shot by hitting the D with your special shot.

  • Coin-eater arcade experience.
  • Retro pixel art graphics.
  • Great to play with keyboard, mouse or joystick.
  • 6 tracks of Awesome Original Soundtrack
  • Steam achievements, leaderboard, cloud saving and trading cards when approved by Valve.

    Hello, my name is Paulo and I am a solo indie developer from Brazil. I make self-funded small arcade games with good replayability for steam, while I improve as a giant game of what I’m doing to try and increase the size and complexity.

    Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy Hyper X Simon.
    Borussia Paulo

Total Downloads: 2

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