Joint Task Force

Joint Task Force

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where is that old strategy games? after you take the interior by saying, “here it is: Joint Task Force by saying,” We have answered your own question. That used to be there were really good strategy games –there are there now – one of them Joint Task Force. At first, the name of the Turkish joint; Joint Task Force: the Task Force; based on the force, “Joint Task Force to translate it as” I think, this idea didn’t make sense and I passed. In fact, “joint” engineering community “broken joint” concepts such as representation, leaving sailor but I continue the logic here.

strategy games, most fans, no doubt is one of the games. Also make an account to gives you tactics to produce to teach us. Using our intelligence and talents that we strive for the kind of game that I found quite useful because the mental development of the game. One of the games that strategy you have with the technology of that time, has managed to endear himself to us, and even I had created a dozen. Me the most which is one of the games I have played Joint Task Force strategy.

The Joint Task Force in 2006 is a game that has started to appear on the market. The producer of the game with most wanted Entertainment, the game company Sierra entertainment distribution also as an influential in the world of gaming, considering it’s much more comfortable, we can understand that the game is so attractive. That can be played only on Windows platforms real-time strategy/RTS game, which is the Joint Task Force who is the designer of beautiful graphics in this? ” I googled this for you and match designer’s Attila-Horvath, I found that there is a friend that has a different name, such as. Then when he ran the other designs I saw that it was your friend really that simple. I’m guessing that although there is not much information about the Indians. If we can get back our game, our game single player/Multiplayer single player/multiplayer support. If you wish so you can fight against your friends against the AI if you wish. Frankly, artificial intelligence pushed me, saying, the friends we played together a salute to bang out of here.

The Joint Task Force, war on military tactics, a game that is built on. A variety of weapons in the game, as well as Sikorsky and Boeing, such as various Air Tools. This shows that the game has a large infrastructure. There is also a large ground vehicles like tanks are also available, and furthermore we can move them on the asphalt. So, in fact, a civil war, the internal struggle indicator.

it was Also an update to the game in 2008. After installing the new patch, resolved some minor bugs, such as expanding the horizon of our story, we were faced with new tasks. There are five scenarios on the basis of the game, and took the country five of these are now mixed. These Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Colombia and Iraq. Bad enough that the tribesman started the war, but the war started in history where making a game has launched. As shown, there is a market in every sector of the war. Anyway, our mission is actually by putting a hand on the places we went to perform feats in the Civil War. We play games with a fairly extensive scenario, the time is too much. Carnet the game GameSpy 2.5/5, Carnet GameSpot 6.5/10. Notes GameSpot actually seems a little more appropriate for us, but also a score I’d give it 7/10 at least.

quite practical control of the game, a casual game with keyboard and mouse combinations. Graphic design is pretty good, but the graphics quality is still under a little bit of the design on the middle of a performance we can say that. One of the most successful sides are the sound effects of the game. You feel yourself in a real war with sound effects.

real-time strategy and military tactics we would recommend to all gamers who like the games. You should try. Enjoyable games.


  • screen captures modern wars, you know
  • in a structure completely separate from standard mode, fun multiplayer modes

  • extreme what is the deal with little things
  • is too horny to fight it sounds like
  • very weak artificial intelligence

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