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Just Cause

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meet up with new agent Rico

the Cuban revolution is emerging as a little a little a fan of GTA just cause, the protagonist of the game, Agent your presence with Rico.

the producers of GTA we think is probably a fan of a tight and Socialist left party who voted for our friend, “let’s make a game inspired a revolution that said,” Let and just cause. Really a great verse from a Book of poetry the poets who write and read their minds sometimes, “wow, what a good word, I said,” a verse that, in fact, belongs to a poet previously read, remember that there is consistency in the game. Very firm when I made that awesome game as Avalanche already in the game GTA on the market after criticism that it was understood. If it is, then even a third version the second version of the game on the market, it took too, but today we will focus on the first version so we just as to the cause.

as we start from the topic of the game, a country of islands, San esperito tyrant and dictator from the seat of the manager seconded to the island to parachute Agent download Rico goes. He met Sheldon and the two comrade named Maria, and begins on a mission to save his country. The main tasks in the game, but offered as an alternative to “go from place to place in this time” as of Dec Save of the tasks related to the game if we can figure out what his hometown was to extend the time of We do not doubt that.

just cause, the structure of the game as it’s like Grand Theft Auto. Instead of taking tasks from specific points you are trying to bring. You have the luxury of complete sequence with the desired tasks. On the map you provided the tasks very easily as you can see, any task with details you can access your PDA. Sometimes a little rebel in the neighborhood, in the heart of the city, up and down, sometimes he seems like a guy the tasks that you perform. A citizen from there take the water take me to that friend of yours take cover, go over there and kill them, and hit-and-break-break.

the most basic duty of the game is to liberate areas designated on the map. When you arrive at the area marked red on the Map in the area and meet with the commander of the rebel army taking over the task. You specified the area and cut quite a bit of money reaching the area in front of the best releases. Opposition forces also to fight for your place to place across in gangs will be released. Naturally, when there’s a riot on the island the people are divided into two parts; the rebels and dissidents. We rebel by working with the gangs in the game we’re trying to take out your opponents.

what is the action of the game. Black suits on a tropical island with “I’m a federal Agent,” he visibly wandering Rico, a game that can take part in the most equipped Agent. The air pressure on his back and a parachute at any moment is ready to fly who don’t care about that. Releasing yourself from the slopes if you wish you wish you see all you can get it for free. The trick of it it does not stay with Rico, in addition to the gun by throwing open the parachute and rope to hook the car with one of you can travel like crazy. It was fun though I can admit that. Different and fun atmosphere.

Also, Rico, almost every tool that you can use it with mastery. Parachute, boat, jet. Though the camera angle when driving from place to place with change in way of an absurd Rico lose sight of everything in the game is available to our service. Already hop from one vehicle to another, outside of ourselves, we can throw too. As you can see at least a capable Agent 007.

The graphics in the game as they should be. Neither good, nor bad. The overall appearance of the island is very good, but it is not possible to use character models. Explosion effects are very good, but the impact was not nearly as successful. But undoubtedly the sounds in the game are great. For the main event of the Latin tunes your heart with just cause, just as successful with sound effects.

through the eyes of the third party if you want to play an action game, just cause and Grand Theft Auto as an alternative you can try if you want to try. Enjoyable games.


  • fun gameplay
  • it’s a good story
  • beautiful voice

  • hard to get used to the vehicle controls
  • the date according to the old graphics

Total Downloads: 1

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