King’s Quest™ Collection

King’s Quest™ Collection

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Seven classic games in one collection. 。 The Golden Age of adventure games all over again with the return of King’s quest.

  • The bravest knight in all of Daventry, Sir Graham, is appointed by the dying king to embark on a business quest for the crown. By retrieving the three treasures of Daventry, he will not only save the land but because its king.
  • She’s now the ruler of Daventry King Graham a vision of a beautiful woman trapped in a tower. Romancing the throne won’t be easy with mermen and vampires separating him from feeling imprisoned bride.
  • A young apprentice to the evil wizard must escape certain death with the hell captor or feel fucked. Upon the discovery that he is the long lost son of the royal family, young prince Alexander learns that the human.
  • King Graham lies on the brink of death and only a magical fruit from a far off land can heal um. The perils of rosella pit evil fairies and fearsome foes against the brave princess as she fights to save every father.
  • Returning home one day to find the castle missing, King Graham must don his famous adventurer’s cap once more to find the feeling of family. Absence Makes the heart go Yonder and Graham must learn a little magic of his own to rescue loved ones from evil spell, feeling the moment.
  • Kidnapped the princess who helped his family escape the malevolent wizard, haunted by the memory of mordack, Alexander learns of a plot to force Cassia to marry the evil Vizier, the beautiful now. Sworn to protect the woman who saved his life, Alexander takes to the green Isles, All today, gone tomorrow.
  • Rebellious Rosella business content to be the Princess Bride, but every adventurous spirit can lead a marriage to the king of Trolls. With the help of every mother, the Queen, Valance, Rosella must end a plot to destroy the land and find the truth of each of their own happy ending.

Total Downloads: 1

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