Lake of Voices

Lake of Voices

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Lake no perfect way to handle a story that forces you to accept that choice of voices and asks what you decide to dire times, and who is going to be sacrificed.

  • 85,000 words
  • Full English voice acting
  • Variations with multiple endings
  • You’ll decide who to protect and who will be left behind in the dark
  • The timed choices. That is the best for the job or determine what actions to make split second by standing
  • The option to develop a close relationship with anyone in your traveling party
  • A haunting, piano-based soundtrack
  • Silly unlockable bonus events

Anyone can be saved, but not everyone can be.

Kikka the steadfast stoicism of a woman who uses a sensitive and empathetic work to protect herself from the harsh world she lives in a mask. Much has been done to attempt to find some semblance of security for the moment, she’s everything, including the career path she chose to pursue. One of the many tiny villages in the region now works as the official Guard for the Kikka. Most recent travel to work each assignment to guard the town’s been under siege by the Allied Formulas now with fellow raiders.

With an ever-present sense of urgency, the two find themselves on the shore of the Sinnlos, the black water lake home to a cursed Nixi twisted creatures who take joy in drowning humans. Even attempt to cross the maze to guide a nameless need the assistance of the two bridges spanning the dark waters. But they are not the only ones seeking passage that night. The guide agrees to lead them all, whilst also giving a warning that this large a group has no chance of making it across the whole. Someone along the way will be lost. None of the volunteer to stay behind, regardless. And so the hill-fated journey over the voices of the lake begins.

Total Downloads: 2

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