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Product LaserChain LLC
Operating SystemsWindows 10,8,7 (64 bit)
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“There is not a step note that the earth has seen of slaughter, a place of solemn every inch. Perhaps a peace term Phantom” – the Oracle

This imaginative and exciting strategies to compete and multi-genre indie gem. Choose a fraction and fight for power…or ideals. Colossal construct robot armies and Build epic space base. Team up with others or go it alone. Aggressive PVP play mixed with Fun, engaging simulation/strategy elements.

• Dynamic Gameplay! Now evolving strategy war game that blends the best of both genres. Without PvE and PvP planets move to your base before the start of the souped up business.

• Build a massive space laser exciting army of mechs, tanks and aircraft.

• Options and upgrades give you innumerable options for chemistry and Crafting boosts.

• A realistic market economy! Buy and sell crafted items on a global market and mined busting.

• Centurions are customizable, tradeable End Game heroes evolve even further.

• A fascinating sci-fi fun with the storyline, magnetic characters, dig deep and keep you immersed.

Total Downloads: 5

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