Left Behind : Eternal Forces

Left Behind : Eternal Forces

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the world of the game perhaps is one of the most fruitful years 2006-2007.. In those years many games in a row was presented to the game lovers. During this period almost every type of Strategy Games were one of the areas that demand the most when the game was released. During this period, by inspired media entertainment for the Microsoft Windows platform real-time strategy game left behind: Eternal forces, was released. (November 2006)

The game where you can play as a single player multi-player option and you can play online. The story of the game is quite interesting.

In fact, in 2006 in the world of both film and literature, the end of humanity-themed stories was going away. The world is now in chaos, people had fallen into drugs and sex. Damned souls people away from religion was reduced to a pathetic state. During this period, obeying the messenger of salvation Christian salvation. Declare a war against the Mahdi and the Antichrist came to earth and believers, nonbelievers would win. Here’s this story as the premise of the game is working. We who are people’s people to salvation on the side of goodness they will try to destroy the Antichrist. But not in a way that we here will perform with diplomatic ways. A real-time strategy game with the dedication to save the world as we find ourselves left behind in New York.

First, consisting of believers like us (alhamdulillah), we will provide a resource for our actions and we are trying to build units. The missionary activities of believers and that we will have to provide a source for money out of our pocket. I’m doing this in the face of evil we’re trying to take our side in the work groups there will be the neutral. If we can get them on our side, not pulling on your bad side and use it against us. For this reason, will be of strategic benefit in treating.

different people in the game are subject to the spiritual order. Raising the level of praying for the soul we will need to make lots of virtuous actions. How people housing, even though the spirit of the game revolves around the actual provides for food and other expenses.

The game will also be quite useful occupational groups to take people by our side. New units ourselves primarily with workers and sub-structures built, while the military doctors and will be beneficial in terms of health and strength in us in our struggle. In addition, we also trained people to take our side we have to use missionaries. Add to this that our own people taking sides with one neutral, is quite difficult.

The game controls are generally done with a combination of mouse and keyboard, but using the mouse you will move by a large majority. The quality of graphics at the intermediate levels. Building models models are pretty enough but the car it’s ridiculous. Vehicle behavior is also equally ridiculous or inadequate. Because throughout the game you’ll see a tool going back and forth on the same street. A little bit of artificial intelligence was kept limited. The voice work is good. At least the game have been successful on the voice.

In general, the missionary Game is a game. The mission also you will not have the game and he was dying. But the game just for this reason, was bombarded by criticism from many corners. The game is able to tell many around the world that are retained. On Metacritic because of the negative assessment of the last 20, 15, 5 undecided considering that we’ll have better information about the success of the game. Note that the User Rating on Metacritic bought the game at 3.7 / 10, so we don’t need to say anything more.

if you have plenty Left if you want to try a sensational strategy game behind you can try. Enjoyable games.


  • the very best aspect

  • You need to take care too much of the details available
  • bad controls
  • bad artificial intelligence
  • Slow multiplayer

Total Downloads: 2

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