LEGO the Lord of the Rings

LEGO the Lord of the Rings

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Product Traveller's Tales
Operating SystemsWindows XP, Vista, 7
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The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is enjoyable, which is based on the scenario of the Lord of the Rings LEGO the LEGO series of games one of the most beloved players the game offers action and adventure at the same time. Players on one hand, while progressing in an epic story, enjoy the atmosphere of the LEGO world full of entertainment and comedy.

Frodo, that could jeopardize the continuity of humanity have been chosen for a mission to destroy a magic ring and so hobbit has been forced to leave the village. Before the ring must be found, and then should be taken to mount doom about to be destroyed, but in this way the bushings and other dark forces try to block it for you to do it. Frodo’s established with the aim to help or, the following names are found in the fellowship of the ring; Aragorn the Ranger, Gandalf the wizard, Legolas the Elf, Gimli the dwarf, Gondor’s man Boromir and Frodo’s his Hobbit friends Sam, merry and pippin.

the basic characteristics of the game;

  • open world presented in the form of the mid-the world’s exploring with fasting Yi, Uruk-Hai, the balrog, the Witch-king to fight with the possibility
  • the Palantir’by using the possibility to bounce between more than one story
  • the Lord of the Rings LEGO mini figures heroes to meet with
  • new items that you can collect by using the possibility to combine a blacksmith’s shop
  • 80’s more than playable characters
  • the light of earendil, Elven rope, the chance to use magical objects such as swords and bows
LEGO the Lord of the Rings System Requirements
operating system : Windows XP, Vista, 7
processor : dual core CPU @ 2GHz
Ram : 1 GB
Harddisk Space : 8 GB
video card : NVIDIA GeForce 7600/ATI Radeon x1950
DirectX : 9

  • the familiar story in a manner more satisfying if it had been committed
  • many cool features to be discovered.
  • Research improved and made fun
  • the source has remained faithful to, and not deviate from the story

  • the partitions may be disturbing when it’s played Alone again

Total Downloads: 1

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