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Men of war

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strategy games, perhaps the most important game in the World Games. With artificial intelligence we are showcasing our ability to fight these nested games, our tactics, and we appreciated the use of time to us and is sweating. Take a gun and shoot it in our hands as it is in classic FPS games instead of forcing our mind we are producing tactics. Sometimes God takes on the role of, sometimes we lead a whole nation. An ordinary soldier, but never a union, it doesn’t always war we are involved in governing the sector. So, instead of being a part of the process we’re trying to get in that section govern the process.

this process is undoubtedly one of the games men of war management. Since the scenario is already quite cinematic of the game Batman and Dmitry Gorodetsky named a name that has Russian science-fiction comes from the pen of the writer. The quality of this game that exists in the nucleus suggests that may have originated from the pen is actually robust. The best way the makers of the game. A real-time strategy game Men of war by 1C company in 2009 began to be distributed to the market. Let me say in advance, but the game’s Metacritic report card out of 100 is 80. Same with my high school graduation my degree. So the game is more successful than me.

one in three campaign option the game in co-op and the multiplayer option is available. How many already have the option for multiplayer what would it be? Anyway, let me continue Sir you deploy about three in the current campaign;
Soviet campaign: began at dawn on the northern side of the Eastern forest, Misty learns about the strategic struggle. Motto: road to victory “road to freedom”. As some friends can turn your way to victory, but as the subject of the correct translation is “road to freedom”. (see Fig. Homebuild, English Grade=5)
German Campaign: situated in the German ranks, the harsh geography of North Africa passes in this game. Extending from Libya to Tunisia, this fight is pretty tough and pleasant.
Allied Campaign: Fox Hunters advancing with the motto of the campaign, an adventure that stretches from North Africa to America.
Bonus: a bonus chapter to the successful completion of all campaignler also is a gift. The bonus chapter would be at least as much fun as the other sections.

E, the game, the Russians do when the most posh part of the game’s Soviet campaign. This section pretty much consists of nine parts which you are having an enjoyable adventure. We’ll be running this section is very offensive and more defensive, which is a powerful Union.

later in the section Historical realism of the game with Germany (German Campaign) and the British fight against Rommel in North Africa conquered the lands of the van and we’ll give you a relentless.

we will be doing more in the Allied espionage section. This document capture, stop the Germans, we will destroy the headquarters with tasks such as lingers. I say that because we will be stalling out and it’s the fps of the strategy chapter from place to place. No need to distort the course of the game he says he didn’t, and this part passes by quickly.

Bonus chapter broaches the subject of wars in the history of France. From the tank to the commando from the ship to the enemy HQ on the map by directing vehicles and truck inventory we are trying to take over the men of war (which I prefer to call him a war) multiplayer option, it’s too rich. But I need to say that some of the multiplayer maps are great.

The course of the game, the scenario, and artificial intelligence, it looks quite good and enjoyable. We can say that the graphics of the game is successful. Dec well as experiencing minor delays in the sound effect, even though the voices aren’t bad. You can see all the data you need is already on the graphics screen. You decided you the job quickly and correctly manage your teams. History, blend of strategy Men of war is given a chance and played fairly. Strategy lovers –especially lovers of the historical strategy – announced.

enjoyable games.


  • direct control mode
  • 30 hour single player mode

  • more anal-retentive management
  • outdated graphics

Total Downloads: 1

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