Motocross Madness 2

Motocross Madness 2

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“one of them Motor Racing is it?”she said

I was sick and tired of keeping the project on the computer. It corresponds to the geologic unit that is no longer the core samples which brought me to Gina. Many “advanced” on my computer (Hp 1050 st) cover I downloaded. I said I’ll smash some Heads. Dec in my mind that my uncle’s Old desktop on the computer I remembered to look at the pictures. Tell me let’s take a look at the photos, remember I wanted to get out of my sight. I became the head of the veteran desktop. About 3 minutes after it was opened. Then closed. Few gave it a HDD error, but I got through it (a term I worked as a computer technician). Motocross madness on the desktop, I opened the computer I saw how open and so I wonder if it’s a game about one and a half hours later, with the beginning of the game I got up from going to lunch with my mom. Motocross Madness for the first time I met with that day. In 1998, he could lock himself in the game on the following dates even me. The perfect place for nostalgia lovers like me.

eventually, following the success of the first game, Microsoft Motocross madness 2 was released. 2 mm which was released in the year 2000 (I would shorten the rest of the article this way, Motocross Madness, don’t be surprised) made the deployment of Rainbow studios. Now more improved and better, Microsoft with the game we’re alone.

as you can play both single player and multiplayer and 2 mm. You against the computer if you wish so you can race against your other friends if you wish, we can say that the multiplayer mode is pretty fun. Also never multiplayer single player mode doesn’t stay down. Where the track is located approximately 70 mm 2, which you can download from the Internet with the track editor you can enhance your heart desires. 7 single player race mode on the menu; Baja, Freestyle stunt Quarries, Enduro, Nationals, Supercross, Pro circuit and Mototas.

rich in the game options is available for your use motor 12. Among them, Hondo and Yamaha’s original models are also available.

in two areas in the game you have competition. These include indoor and outdoor spaces. I love the competition in the most open area. Sprinkled into the game case is pretty fantastic views.

we call Supercross races in indoor track, we are faced with quite realistic details; billboards, asphalt texture, and cameras. The graphics in the game has been greatly improved already just in case.

in the race game so outdoor open space, trees, cliffs, tunnels, and other tools to details such as we are seeing, and quite nicely designed, in a case the morphology of open space. In addition, if you wish, by making Active a replay of the race you are finished, you can watch the artistic movements that you make again and again. The sounds of the engines also designed as a very realistic terrain. At high speeds it is possible to say that is very pleasant. Only the sound of the engine and sounds the atmosphere is also quite nice. Loud music, crazy crowd chants in the track attached to the case too much detail in the cars that passed by.

we can say that motor control is quite fun. Also the type of terrain also affects motor control. Soft transition as loss of control in wet conditions on the floor you can feel everything heavy easily.

The degree of difficulty in the game consists of three sections as classical; easy(to use) easy, medium and hard(difficult). It’s getting harder to be first in the game as the difficulty level increases, but in the game scroll, and thoroughly prefer to play hard after getting used to it in the option with the majority.

2 mm as the graphics are quite refined. The controls, the soundtrack, the atmosphere and the engine sounds perfect. Also like a lot of work on the multiplayer option, you know, we can say that it’s like a new massively multiplayer game.

Game, there are cons, of course; for example, – to-life image quality is very good and the remote doesn’t give the same image quality as the camera image. Camera angles, you can force instant replacements.

This is an excellent game mm 2 If we ignore small problems. We say that speed and motor enthusiasts should not miss. Enjoyable games.


  • physics and successful controls
  • immersive gameplay
  • fun game modes

  • old-fashioned graphics

Total Downloads: 3

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