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Land – Jeep – Landscape and speed

the Jeep when we mention no doubt in our mind coming to land. Spinning wheels in the mud, the sand slipping through powerful engines speeding in vehicles on forest roads and incredible views.

easy company, designed by ci games released the game in 2008. Driving – racing simulation game Motorm4x off-road-themed racing game.

The game offers a total of ten tools. Very solid hardware with each one of them race cars. Ten select any one from any vehicle, and the three main races you can compete in the game that way. These jungle and plenty of high-oxygen Alpine mountains with the mountains (Alpine Mountains), which you can burn plenty of rubber in the deserts of America with flying the treacherous rocky Deserts (Rocky Desert) with the famous winter and snow with magnificent views Alaska (Alaska).

a game where you can have a very pleasant time to you for an enjoyable stay MOTORM4X Game 3 driving/racing option designed. Etiquettes for them;

Race: a classic option for every racing game. In other games you can come as free race circuit or race on, but with the tool you have selected in the option you select you can race in the field as you wish.

Trial: is an option that you can test the tools in the field. This option option is not actually a race, driving an option. You have selected the tool you select, you can burn rubber with the field your heart desires. You are quite free with this mod, throw it off a cliff or do you want speed yourself. Also you can try by switching between each tool and the practical tools your heart desires, you can try them one by one.

Pathfinder: all terrain covers in the championship race instead of the shorter way. Paths are kept short with this mod, and we asked her to give a fierce fight.

we can give you tips for the game:

every vehicle damage due to collisions. Repair your vehicle on your behalf with packages lose performance in the next race, you will need to fix. Not just bumps and accidents with tools wear out with time and need repair. Lubrication and needs to be taken care of of vehicles you know in real life or this game the same conditions for current.

weather conditions will affect the performance of your vehicle. You have to keep the indicators of your vehicle. High temperatures will cause your car to stay out of the race. Then the car overheated with the drum in your hand because if you have to search for the fountain, this remember what I said. The best prevention.

you have the freedom to be able to modifying your car. You can make changes to your vehicle according to your taste. According to the land especially before the race it would be beneficial to adjust your vehicle’s suspension. For this, you need to understand the language of the car a little. Also need to know things like how much the land in which suspension you need. Don’t be too upset if you don’t, you can get experience in this race.

your vehicle will be affected by atmospheric conditions and get dirty. Your vehicle’s windshield wipers in the rain and in the mud, you should be able to use actively. Snow and mud will also cause your vehicle to shift.

The game is very very fun. You’re having a really fun time while playing. The game graphics performance. Especially the modeling of land is very good. Especially on snowy roads I prefer. Quite realistic and enjoyable racing experience. The graphics engine works pretty well, that correspond to errors such as hanging and freezing is very, very difficult. Very stylish and attractive display indicators tools. The sound design is also very good quality of the game. The sound of the revs of the car, especially when buying from us allows you to experience Real Racing.

I strongly recommend for enthusiasts like me and especially off road racing game lovers. Enjoyable games.

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