Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

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“Ned For Speed, “speed”, it keeps disconnecting”

NFS adventure, car racing continues unabated in the industry. So the time came and went, but the popularity of NFS is never mentioned. The first ten people that come out to us even here across the street from a racing game, tell me what you think, at least 9 of them will say probably the first NFS. In these circumstances, the course of the series broke the NFS and EA Games after the games presented to the game lovers.

if you open the game open NFS, which is the reality today –even in the first game – you can spend time with pleasure(exception to the rule). Connoisseurs will remember the first version of NFS Hot Pursuit has garnered great interest with. Without wasting time, immediately at the rate everyone’s surprise, NFS Hot Pursuit 2 released. Of course, such as a side effect of almost driving the game in a fast way as with the first version of the game was the same. This is because there are new things in the game disappointed you.

with NFS Hot Pursuit race mode you can race as long as you want there is already many at your disposal. If you wish, you can make navigation on your own with your vehicle if you wish to shake the steering wheel in a tough Champions.

A section where you can race with the Champions. At least we can say that the cops are not with your tail. “Tree”, the tree races with various race budaklanara they’re turning into rampant progressive logic. For example, the record races or races against the clock. This section thanks to lots of money you gain and your vehicle you can renew.

after you or the cops Hot Pursuit you can choose the mode that you can wear. Again the system is moving with the tree, and adds to your pleasure and your fun. Run from the cops, helicopters provide hours of fun to spend to compete with quite. We have a surprise; now you can be the police.

this time, instead of keeping track of the number of EA Games I don’t know what the track is moving backwards more slopes opening in a portion of the race chose to replicate the ways of the race. Not bad at all.

The number of cars in the game are pretty much afflicted. It can compete with cars from almost every brand(if you can find the patch, Eagle, Fiat apacilik with tools such as you can). BMW, Mercedes, etc.

Now here’s the thing, it’s a little hard compared to the other versions of the game. But you can push your limits a little of the head hair yoldurtmaz. Artificial intelligence would be the steering wheel shakes quite well. There is also a unique feature of each tool. Some tools to keep you on track is almost impossible, and I don’t understand why, but the steering wheel a little break when the car almost rotates 180 degrees, and then toparlayas pastime. Some of them on the road the grip is very good, but they’re not so successful in the matter of fast acceleration. So, it will be useful to keep in the garage several vehicles with different characteristics.

now when there’s a racing game like NFS graphics quality you will wonder everyone automatically. I should say to you say very well is remarkable. If NFS Hot Pursuit first NFS game that 144p to 720p. NFS a limit so walked. A very detailed chart we can say is out of the question. Lights, textures, animations, transitions, and effects are the product of successful work.

when you say sound quality music and this time we were far away from falling again in the cockpit and a nice playlist with senlendirmis. Techno music may be played more, but usually I prefer to turn off the game music and play my own music from the bottom; with a top speed of 250 km ferdi tayfur priceless.

The game also features a robust multiplayer support. You can take the key out with your friends. Now here you’re going to try anyway even if this game does not encourage, NFS, eventually became a way of life. Of course, I would recommend liking and loving. Dear gamers, NFS Hot Pursuit, you’ll love it too. Enjoyable games.


  • the best racing game of the year was published is selected
  • the result of drift Nitro Super win
  • online mode just fine

  • slow motion scenes are boring

Total Downloads: 2

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