Never Split the Party

Never Split the Party

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Never split the party is extreme is a fun rogue-like Game! Killed your family and you are constantly insulting the Countess who entered the evil vampire known as to disassemble an epic dungeon you’re one of four adventurers.

Procedurally generated dungeons to explore. powerful upgrades ., the dungeon bosses and low crush and to conquer with for Comrade adventurers collaborate!

Never split the part 120to develop more than , 21 of the magical elixir , 28 maximum playability for the enemy, and again unique, procedurally generated 5 of the dungeon level and distributed to 425more room than design!

Each player has a role, both as a class .

In Game Four the unique role provides vital information for each team.
Expert map dungeon maps monitors.
Treasure hunter in every player’s inventory monitors.
Nurse of every player Life follows.
Wise all the upgrades of the information monitors.

If you leave the group if, say, a Skeleton Mage‘s you or teleport you to a Punterin the next room with the launch, quit the band, then the group loses the advantages of your role until we meet again.

On top of that you will use your class you are able to choose and unlock. The first class Warrior class FREE , while the remaining 5 class package will need to have a DLC for Fellowship.

Total Downloads: 1

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