New Star Soccer 5

New Star Soccer 5

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new star soccer (NSS), increased in 2003 as a video game football. Simon read, the creator of the game. In 2011 NSS with the fifth version finally appeared. 2D adventure version 5 version 4 started after 3 attempts to turn it back on in size. A nice game to be 2D and simple, but the key feature is 40 MB in size. So the 3D version is 4, which has seen much interest by the lovers of the NSS.

I told you that I had reverted back to 2D with 5 NSS. NSS 5. discuss in detail before I can’t go without mentioning the lack of mobile which is one of the greatest strengths. The mobile version of NSS in 2013, BAFTA best Sports/Fitness Game award.

NSS 5, small in size, because it is a game that you can download and install on your computer easily. When the game first started at the age of 16 began a career creating a profile of an athlete you are. Him a name, nationality and team and starting his career. The name of the game exists in the database of your choice, if you have to choose another name. Our goal is to give athletes the career ladder in the game, one at a time raise.

after preparing a profile of the actor starting his career. In the match, performance, etc plays an important role in career development, but NSS 5 us (actually the player), except for Mac, also offers interactive features. These interactive features, the player exercising, to be transferred to other teams to interview, sign sponsorship deals, shop, include features such as having fun with friends. However, please know that all your actions earns you points. For example, a sponsorship deal to make when you meet your coach, he may disapprove. This also you’ll lose your points.

The game will FREE Up 5 game. Then you are limited to once every 3 days. If you want to make more games, if the game should upgrade. Free users also, they can’t play the game without connecting to the internet. If you have purchased the game every 50 games you need to connect to the internet when you are beginning a new career. Otherwise, your information cannot be processed into the data base of the game.

the NSS in 5 games Real Player names are not used. 3 NSS is one of the most important differences between. Moreover, this decision is not without criticism quite. The names of those who register the game from all over the world are given to the players in the system. You begin to recognize the players as Mac make. He began his career at the age of 16 and there are even retired players who played this game for many years. Read Simon’s one of the motivating factors when you encode the NSS 5 has created a perception of reality that must be in the virtual world. The idea is nice but in every career of the person who started the game you didn’t give proper names to the player when you see your spirit can be broken. So we can’t say that NSS 5 is unfair critics.

good games…

Total Downloads: 2

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