Operation Flashpoint Resistance

Operation Flashpoint Resistance

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Realistic combat experience is waiting for you

from the World War and many weapons of the game, the game came and went. We loved them, we didn’t even recommend them to our enemy. In space, sometimes fought and sometimes fought in the Middle Ages. Regardless of the venue, regardless of the scenario, one thing we were careful with me always; internal consistency. While criticizing a game that always looked to the first direction. If the war in question is what will artificial intelligence in the game is a game most Add to the pleasure, and thus we know that the internal consistency of the game. You want Electric want war with the gun-loaded with whatever bow war, consistent in their internal dynamics progressive. At this point the circuit Operation Flashpoint: Resistance is entering.

bearing the signature of Bohemia interactive Operation Flashpoint: Resistance was released by Codemasters in June 2002.

tell me if this is the last game in the 1980s;

In the Republic of Google. Novotna, which is an island near the Russian Russia is under threat. And the Russians attack further nogovna to subtract. Former special forces soldiers who listens to the news on the radio Victor Troika is a Russian gun head country to recover from his captivity.

it’s based on the game tactics on the tactics screen where it is located already. Order your soldiers when you give the right tactics, you can achieve success. As you see, I’ll take a gun in my hand let Tara go Tara the era has long since passed. Our character was both first-person and third-person viewpoint, you are able to control. We also have quite a wide range of weapons in the game, Jeep, motorcycle, we are able to use many means, such as a boat. This game is pretty fun. Already most games with large maps of Operation Flashpoint: resistance is one of the leading games that offer maximum freedom. More than 100 square miles in area which has many different ways you can progress in the game. Your own pure and even change the enemy side in the game by passing to your people and country you can sell. You are free to that’s the end of it.

in the game, campaign, single player and multiplayer options available. In the game one-twenty levels there are fine, and taste that you cannot get enough of the game ten extra section has been added. The multiplayer mode of the game is also very good quality. Flashpoint improved a lot compared to the previous operation. To register to play multiplayer with GameSpy are written.

continue to use the previous game engine, Operation Flashpoint, have made improvements in the quality of the graphics. That is to say better than the same graphics engine graphics cikartila knew. The animations improved in the same way. For example, you can no longer blow up buildings. The effects of the explosion even more successful.

The game is exactly the same as the previous version in terms of gameplay. Same controls, same interface and the same logic. You can assign keys according to your own pleasure. Throughout the game it is important that you follow the information on the screen and the map very carefully. The map which is very useful, almost vital.

I don’t know anything there, but Operation Flashpoint: resistance multiplayeri single-player more than I like. Maybe the multiplayer option in front of you with flesh and blood, and you think like a person who can be more fun to fight with. In spite of everything, in both single player and multiplayer options, both quite enjoyable I would say. In the game you are a soldier that seriously feel. Add to this that the game is more difficult than the previous version. Artificial intelligence a few steps forward have been taken. Your enemies are really solid. Manhood in force when they are nine-tenths of the philosophy is to run they can apply. They can help by collecting even go and come back. So, your job will be quite difficult.

enjoyed the sounds of the game. Obscure looks very realistic especially the radio conversations. Already the normal do not understand. Gunshots, explosions and the sound of the voices of the characters quite the achievement. And that the sounds of the wind, the sound of footsteps isn’t; remarkable.

love the game, especially strategic to our operation no one who plays fps fans flashpoint strongly recommended you won’t regret it. Enjoyable games.


  • the very best of guerrilla warfare
  • Extra weapons and tools

  • outdated graphics

Total Downloads: 1

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