Original War

Original War

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Actually, anything American Geology cubits cubits by scanning a group of geologists, a member of the board while searching the mountains for raw materials, began with the discovery of an unknown mineral. Together they began to look at all outstanding mineralogist the minerals found new and material scientists. They found that the result was amazing. This mineral is an energy source that moves the tool out of the world.

The American-Russian conflict of the stereotype-based Original War, made by Virgin interactive in 2001 distribution and a real-time tactical-strategy game. The producer of the game, the game altar interactive and digital designer Vladimir chvatil familiar to many lovers of the game. Vladimir Chvatil, who signed a very successful game of all the games that has a designer signature on the griddle as well as without exception to be a long war’s confidence also increased.

The original War’s also American and Russian, we can choose any one from the ranks. These two campaignde in total, thirty-nine chapter we present. At the entrance, judging from the stories we tell throughout the game we are trying to gather minerals called Liberte. Quests in the game and the Allies vary. Throughout the game, as a nation, as you can see both friend and enemy. So today, if tomorrow you come across as helped you with your enemy, you can. Liberate the minerals because the minerals in which the state, by other states one has passed. In the world where so many minerals, boron, even there, nothing happens, don’t say a liberate with the world is crazy, yeah … Scrambles to liberate a world. Boron’s shoes also thrown to the roof.

basically the story continues through the game. Carried away by prejudices about the monotony of the task of this game can lead you. Actually, that’s one of the things that makes the game good. A story linked to the game is going, and instead of being the repetition of tasks vary. Here, however, the guys who have achieved this they can take good games on the market. Another interesting part of the game “it comes with with you you get what you pay for” philosophy works. So, if you are doing someone a favor back a few hands later in the game that kindness comes back to you. If you’ve no done any harm if a few sections that are being stubborn eventually come along and is trying to get his revenge. This game dynamic and makes it affordable. So you must keep your memory alive and make the best of your accounts.

The main tasks in the game as well as side quests. The game also has a progression as a classic in the form of buildings and produce troops. As a result, she’s in charge, whose minerals are plentiful. Every legend has a beginning of the game. The graphics of the game at least as successful. The game, which is quite a nicely designed strategy game from the standpoint of artificial intelligence is very successful. The rest is completely up to you, it will come down to your abilities. If you have the courage to challenge the world and the original World War is for you. Really like the name of an original game. Enjoyable games.

note: if taking the course as one of Sibertv Mineralogy throw, red-purple tourmaline. With the cut of a diamond gemstones of this mineral, which is from the class looks like. We are adding one photo here.


  • the consistency of the unsung gems games
  • makes you feel different from other RTS games
  • create a new Soldier you have to appreciate the ones you know

  • artificial intelligence could have been better

Total Downloads: 1

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