Overclocked a history of violence

Overclocked a history of violence

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“Psychology, suspense, and adventure trilogy”

Overclocked a history of violence, and in April 2008 Lighthouse interactive adventure tales produced by the distribution house and the psychological thriller game. When the game is psychological thriller for the event with 16 + age is subjected to filtering. For those under the age of 16 so definitely I don’t recommend it.

The game Actually say it’s a terminology I think we would have invented the adventure game psycho. The cinematheque is moving in a thematic way and the game has plenty of. The US Army psychiatrist David McNamara in New York in the game mentally unhealthy treating the work of a mysterious adventure that begins with a few young people we are witnessing. Actually, it’s not likely to come across in the game world the games of this genre. There is a game thriller in the style of many, but as a whole the logic FPS is moving. Both thematic, both psychological and machined as Adventure is not more than the fingers of one hand the number of games actually. In spite of this, I think everyone who plays these games would be addicted to such games. Although our force in terms of Psychology might seem a bit creepy, actually intriguing and enjoyable games.

actually, the game is the protagonist of the story, David McNamara, U.S. Army with post-traumatic stress disorder, explores ways to combat physician with a soul. So after the trauma of trying to cure mental illness arising from the stress and anxiety is a kind of high common. This is very important because it is a disease most common mental disorder in the military departments. People who suffer from this disease are often a serious hazard to the murders they commit to be in the newspaper is an indicator of this threat, he sets out to investigate with a phone and McNamara.

McNamara’s phone already with waking up with the sound of the game begins. After a telephone interview to review cases. And understand English to play the game, which seems to indicate that you must have a serious. Without the patch the game is Turkish, otherwise it can be very difficult. On the other hand, is a game that will provide you to improve your English quite a contribution. English subtitles and dialogue already goes with the majority.

adventure, suspense and mystery-solving game which is Overclocked a history of violence , developed by a German game company. More precisely, the German game studio Game design and writing text to the game service. So the game is counted as Germans.

The graphics of the game are kept quite simple in terms of design. For a moment I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like Max Payne remembers. Like it was made a little inspiration actually. Apart from that the graphics for this type of game –play depending on the style of narrative – in case enough. I wish this game there is a high-character modeling success whether you have a virtual reality feel to our bones but our psychological problems with the conditions of the time but that’s it. In this concept though, the game is designed in terms of the game world, even the fact that it’s a big change. We expect at the games in the style that I’m sure you’ll meet us later.

apart from these, we will address the sound design, in particular focused on the voice. The vast majority of the game already because this part was quite important to keep dialogue and speech quality are composed of the guys that managed to do this.

if you haven’t played a game of this genre before – that most of us did not play – in the psychological sense, if you don’t have a problem, and if you are over the age of 16 in English, definitely you should try if you want to get your contribution overclocked a history of violence. Plenty of enjoyable games.


  • in real life that might be characters and story
  • the puzzles to the story is presented in a parallel manner
  • high-quality sound effects

  • a dark and depressing environment
  • mainly mutual dialogue is going on

Total Downloads: 1

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