Pacific Gunner

Pacific Gunner

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Pacific Gunner Infogrames in 2002 by software made by Running Dog and an action game which was released in the month of December.

The Pacific, which is the subject of many a fps and strategy a movie and a game of Geography. In these circumstances, the repetition of a one many games are coming out. Their artificial intelligence they are not the same graphics or games one this time either, turns out faulty. So, the occurrence of that event in the Pacific combined, The number still a decent game, unfortunately, I can count on one hand. To tell the truth from the start gunner in the Pacific takes its place in the list of games that fail on the fingers of the hand.

Pacific Gunner, which is an example of a cliché in many a game. We can say that is more the consistency of an arcade game. As always, in the Second World War Japan, duran naughty America smart and intelligent who isn’t guilty of no crime attacks. America warns, “don’t do it, don’t shame it’s Japanese brothers”, but in vain. The Japanese to speak “” don’t say anything else. Well, he’d have no choice but to do what is in America and the atomic bombs on Hiroshima fires. Centred on the theme of the game this American hero. We won the game in the previous portion of the atomic bomb, the Japanese War planes in the Pacific, they draw the subject that we learn. Japanese planes attacking the American fleet our goal is to send their fleet to the depths of the ocean without damage. In fact, it looks so simple. Isn’t the only issue, the game is so simple. From the beginning to the end of the game doing the same thing you are. I must say you’re finishing up the game before you release the mouse. Actually not that part that part the history of the event is inserted or stuck in a rut of uniformity, we hung out playing Pacific gunner’s. Throughout the game behind a ball or the flak gun and shoot us how to do the same work I find a bit dull without stopping, but maybe he might like such games from some of us, we don’t know. For this reason, a computer game even more of a game of an arcade game we can say that it looks like a juice box.

The image of a FPS Game to dominate. You come and you see your gun barrel and the last planes, so here they are. But despite this, the graphics are quite successful. Pacific gunner is still eating right but as they say we can’t eat right in this matter. Graphics and effects are quite successful, but the software isn’t enough to make this a game, of course. At first, how beautiful the graphics are, let’s say, after a while, you get bored after the rut. A number of the sound effects I don’t have so many classic shots. In such a case I’ve loved the music of war the most played. They chose the Battle music is really good. I wish the game were a bit more dynamic, if also can not say how it would be if we were playing to enjoy.

high-resolution graphics can be frozen too, although mid-level and works in a highly stable manner. I can’t say much that it would tire your hardware. This makes me think there is a software error. Has developed a patch-if it’s called that I couldn’t find this freezing issue can be resolved at high resolutions.

Pacific Gunner, exactly as we explained. It has good graphics, but boring, very static game. However, if you like arcade games like Pacific gunner for the sake of the graphics you can try. Enjoyable games.


  • works with historical events

  • It is difcult to predict the number of enemies
  • the graphics are not satisfactory.

Total Downloads: 6

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